Bandogge Mastiff

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Bandogge Mastiff

High quality dog equipment for your Bandog from the producer directly. You can find here dog harnesses of nylon or leather carefully processed by our craftsmen. Dog collars for agitation training are also available in different materials and sizes. International shipping. Efficient customer support team.
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NEW ARRIVALS - Bandogge Mastiff

American Bandogge Mastiff is a powerful guard dog. It requires proper training on a regular basis. We are ready to provide you with all necessary supplies for obedience, protection, IGP training. If you can't find equipment you need, contact our customer support team vie e-mail

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Training Dog Collar

Dog Trainer and Breeder Serhei Beresovski with His Bandog

We have a wide choice of products for dog bite skills development. Bite toys, tugs, sleeves are made of durable materials to serve you as long as possible. They are designed according to professional dog trainers' advice. Check our article about attack dog training.

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Dog Training Suit

Professional Bandog Training

Look also at our dog muzzles for your Bandogge. They are designed to follow the Bandog-like breeds snout shape, so your furry guard will feel comfortable muzzled.

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