How to Train Dog to Wear Muzzle

How to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Wear a Muzzle?

Calm putting on and wearing of dog gear is a must for canine keeping in populated places. A muzzle is one of the most unloved by dogs' accessories. But dog training admits of no delay and slack, that is why let's find out how to train a dog to wear a muzzle in a stressless way.

The muzzle is intended not only to protect people and animals around from dog's aggression, but also for the canine's safety (to stop picking up, eating from the ground). If you have already chosen the most suitable muzzle according to your dog breed and needs, you can start training. 

How to Train Dog to Wear Muzzle

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Dog Training to Wear Muzzle

It is ideally to start training from 5-6 months if you have a puppy of large breed. Forget about punishment and speedup irrespective of your dog's age. Dog training should be positive only. The dog should understand that the muzzle wearing is temporary. Praise your dog every time it was muzzled and kept calm, if no – ignore the fail.

Getting Acquainted with Muzzle

  • Start training sessions only at home.
  • Give your dog the muzzle to sniff.
  • Never allow the dog to chew or to play with the muzzle (commands "No", "Leave It").
  • Fasten the straps on the dog's neck without putting the muzzle on. Let the dog walk round at home for 10-15 min. if it responses calmly.
  • Put a treat into the muzzle in front of your dog then let it eat the treat after sniffing.

How to Teach Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle

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This preparation lasts until the dog has already had positive response the sight of the muzzle – tail wagging, waiting for the treat. You may face some difficulties at this stage – the puppy will want to play with the muzzle, grown-up dog may ignore the accessory (to eat the treat, but to refuse the muzzle wearing). You task is to catch the moment when a pet has already accepted the muzzle and try to put it on your dog's neck during walking.

Train Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle

It will take 7-14 days to train the puppy for muzzle wearing and to 3 weeks to train the adult dog. If it has been passed more than 3 weeks and the dog still refuses to wear the muzzle, it is high time for ultimate measures. Let the dog to eat kibble out of the muzzle, clean the accessory and go for a walk with your pet. Start from the next stage when the dog takes treats from the muzzle without fear, wags its tail and is ready to walk when sees the accessory in your hands. Continue dog muzzle training at home.

  • Put the loosen straps carefully on the dog's head when it sticks its nose into the muzzle, take them off in 2-3 sec. Praise your dog.
  • The next stage – the buckle is on the dog's back of the head and you shove the treat through the muzzle's holes.
  • Add 5-10 seconds gradually for every training stage.

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Put the loosen muzzle on the dog before going for a walk. Praise it to distract from discomfort. Take off the muzzle and praise the dog again as soon as you have reached the door. Increase the distance of walking with the loosen muzzle gradually.

Work with Difficulties

The moment, which every dog owner is faced with is when the dog lies down and tries to take the muzzle off with its paws. Such a situation may happen even in 2-3 months after calm dog muzzle wearing. Don't punish your pet and keep calm. Use one of the methods, mentioned below, according to the situation.

  • Make your dog run a command to sit or lay down strictly with a leash pulling (but not with too strong jerking). Wait 10-15 min and take off the muzzle.
  • Distract the dog's attention with its favorite toy or by clapping your hands in case of protest.
  • If your dog began to panic – calm it down, give a treat without taking the muzzle off, stroke it and sit by the pet for some time.
  • If the dog tries to initiate a fight – pull the leash, say "No", take the dog aside at a safe distance, lay it down, becalm. Don't take the muzzle off. Teasers shouldn't be encouraged.

How to Train My Dog to Wear a Muzzle

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Show your disappointment, shorten the time of the walk, take offence at every of the actions, mentioned above, but only when you have taken the muzzle off the dog. Your pet should understand that you are disappointed of its behavior. The owner's offence is the worst punishment for the majority of dogs.

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