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English Pointer

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Gun dogs are much under influence of instincts. Can they become good companions? English Pointer is an example of the golden mean: it is excitable while hunting and gentle in the family circle.

The name of the breed hints at its destination - to point where the game is. The Pointer's set helps a hunter to identify moving direction.

English Pointer is a graceful, energetic, muscular and tough breed. It has an inborn ability to concentrate on work. English Pointer is classified for hunting on even terrain by its athletic type.

English Pointer Breed History

The breed is English descendant of Spanish ancestors. The first mention of English Pointer dates back to the 17th century. The dogs were brought from Spain by English officers. Pointers were crossed with Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, Greyhounds and Irish Setters.

Harness for English Pointer

The dogs were initially used for coursing. Their task was to find and point to the game. Greyhounds were used to ride to hounds. Later English Pointers were taken for fowling. The dogs' role was the same: to chase the game. They were Setters and Retrievers who started and brought the game. Now English Pointers are universal hunters.

English Pointer Dog Temperament

This is a very smart, faithful and loving dog. Pointer adores hunting, running and playing around in the open. The dog loves all family members without exception, especially it likes active games with children. English Pointer is patient with their tricks.

Pointer is a friendly, cheerful, fawning and devoted pet. The dog is obedient and easy to train. English Pointer gets on well with the other pets except for birds, they are the prey for the dogs. Pointer cannot stand loneliness. Teach your dog not to be afraid to stay alone if you are seldom at home. English Pointer is a strong, enduring and full of energy dog, which is ready for long walks and active lifestyle of its owner.

Remember that lack of exercise affects mental and physical development of the dog. If the owner does not pay attention to the dog, it becomes nervous and aggressive, begins to spoil goods.

English Pointer Dog Collars

English Pointer is not a guard dog. It has no such an instinct. The dog keeps distance with strangers, but it is not hostile. Pointer can warn the owner of danger, but it will not attack the stranger: the dog has lack of aggression. A professional trainer will correct the Ponter's behavior and teach the dog to act in a critical situation.

Pointers are natural for hunting. They are stress-resistant and do not afraid of shots. The dogs do not only track the prey, but bring it to the owner also. They do not like water and need to be trained to waterfowl.

English Pointer Dog Training

Pointer training should be started from the early puppyhood in order to grow up a well mannered, cool-minded and sociable dog. English Pointer is a serious breed, which requires not only basic, but specific training.

Where to start?

  • Train a puppy to walk on a leash.
  • Show the puppy its place.
  • Never teach the dog to lie on sofas, beds etc.
  • First walks are to be in quiet places. Let the puppy adapt to the world around.

English Pointer puppy is trained not to pull on the lead, to sleep in its own place and such basic commands as "Sit", "Come", "Down". More serious training is started at the age of 3-5 months.

Best Harness for English Pointer

The dogs are prone to stubbornness. The beginners will not cope with the character of such a pet and it is strongly advised to reach out to a professional trainer or a training school. It is required if you want to train a gun dog. English Pointer should pass the BH training course. Training classes are to be individual, not in a group.

To make training successful, avoid aggression, anger and nervousness. Whatever happens, the dog cannot be punished, much less beaten. Otherwise it will become fearful and naughty. The puppy has to trust its owner and to be self-confident.

First of all, the puppy is taught the rules of behavior in the family and on the street. The dog should know its daily routine, place and name well. It is necessary to achieve ideal running of the main commands: "Heel", "Down", "No", "Bark", "Sit".

English Pointer can be a good hunting dog and a loyal pet at the same time. It is an active member of an active family. Find high-quality dog supplies designed in accordance with your dog's breed peculiarities in our online store.

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