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Sit: Difficult Exercise for Young Dogs

Sit is difficult enough command to train. Before they have mastered the command "sit", young dogs need to practice for a while. You may motivate your pet with treats and praise. Make sufficient breaks and never train longer than ten minutes at a time.

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Combine command and visual signals for sit dog training

Firstly young dogs need to learn what the bipeds want from them. They hear a whole number of different commands, with which they can not do anything yet. Therefore, it is important always to use only the same command. So say not sometimes "sit" and sometimes "place", stay unequivocal. Say "Sit" clearly and slowly, and stress the "i". Additionally, combine the word with a gesture. Due to the combination of the command with visual signals teaching a dog to sit will be faster and better.

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Sit: the first exercise

Stand in front of the dog holding a treat in your hand to teach your dog to sit. Hold the hand with the treat so high that the pet does not approach it. Since long head up posture is too strenuous, the four-legged will sit down sooner or later. Once the dog does this, say loud: "Sit" raising simultaneously your index finger upward. Praise and reward the pet with the delicious food after it sits.

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Sit: practice with the leash

The second phase of the training must be carried out outdoors. Go for a walk with the four-legged friend on a leash and stand still. Press the rump of the animal gently down until the "sit" position is reached. Say immediately "Sit!"and reward the animal again. After a while, your four-legged friend understands the context and will sit down by itself hearing the command "sit". When the pet does the command, you have to praise and feed it, of course.

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