Stay: Some Dog Training Tips ➽

Stay - One of Basic Dog Commands

"Stay!", - dog owners often shout and have no result in dog obedience. Here we give you some dog training tips.

How to train your dog to stay: Tip #1

So, how to train your dog to stay. You can teach your dog the command "Stay!" with a simple exercise. The animal should be about five months old when you start exercising.

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To learn the command "Stay!", the dog should firstly take place on your side and stay for a while in this position. Stay quiet a few minutes so that the dog can get used to the long period of inactivity. Now comes the harder part of the exercise: you stand up and start to go away for a few steps. The dog wants to accompany, but it may not to do this now. Therefore stand up and advance your raised hand forward - as a visual barrier and as a sign of rejection. Say loud and clear "Stay!"

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Stay dog training: Tip #2. Move backwards and watch the dog

Stay dog training must be continued. You do now slowly step by step, and must go backwards. So you have the dog always in view. If the pet is going to follow you, you shout "No". Go on and turn now calm. Observe the animal, but only out of the tail of your eye and react immediately if it is going to come to you. After about ten meters, turn around, look at the animal and raise your hand again. Wait a few seconds, and only then the dog is allowed to run to you. Now, of course, praise the dog extensively.

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After the initial success your dog has internalized the command "Stay" quite well. Now you can gradually increase the distance and remain the dog in its position longer.

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