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Great Dane

Dear Great Dane owners and breeders, you are welcome to choose the best harnesses for your large and powerful dogs! All the harnesses you see on this page are intended specially for such huge breeds as Great Dane. Be sure, you will find here the strongest, the most comfortable, functional and beautiful Great Dane harness of selected quality and hand work. If you need a harness for your Great Dane, measure it carefully, using the instruction for dog harness sizing and fill all the measurements in the attributes during ordering. We are always ready to exchange the harness if it doesn't fit your dog. We offer prompt global shipping from the producer directly!
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Great Dane is called a gentle giant and the king of dogs. This is true. Great Danes are incredibly beautiful, strong and physically gifted. These dogs together with Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest among the other breeds.

Great Dane Temperament

Great Dane is an amazing dog. Its gorgeous and impressive look inspires with respect and even fear, but the dog is kind and sensitive inside. Graceful walk, proud posture, aristocraticism and intelligence are noticeable from afar. Great Dane is calm and self-confident, it never barks for no reason. Great Dane is a devoted friend, who will defend its family till the last breath if necessary, but this peaceful dog doesn't want adventures.

Great Dane is a faithful, friendly, cool-headed and good tempered, fearless, non-aggressive and obedient dog. Actually, Great Dane has no negative sides if it is well trained. Great Dane is an icon of all the qualities, which are looked for by humans in canines. The dog is an ideal companion, a nanny for children and a vigilant guardian. Great Dane is suitable for a single person or a large family.

Great Dane Harness UK

Great Dane Training

Great Danes are smart and quick-witted. It is rather easy to teach Great Dane to obey and to behave properly in the society if to start from the early childhood because it will be very difficult to bring to heel a grown-up dog. Sometimes Great Dane may be a bit stubborn, but your patience and persistence will win with time. It is forbidden to punish the dog. Your main task is to make your training interesting for Great Dane. Avoid heavy loads for your young Great Dane to prevent problems with its joints.

Great Dane Walking

The dog likes to have a rest, but it should be walked and trained regularly for physical development. Walk your Great Dane 2 times a day for 1-1.5 h. Use a leash in crowded places and let your dog walk freely if there is no children’s playground or a road nearby.

Great Dane Care

Great Danes are easy to take care of. They needn't frequent bathing because of short hair. Great Dane breeders recommend dry shampoos using if there is no need in washing. Use special brush for Great Dane grooming and don't forget to clip the dog's nails if they are too long with professional nail cutter.

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