7 Reasons Why Dog doesn't Want to Work

“My Dog Ignores Me”: Why Your Dog doesn’t Want to Work


If you often ask yourself: “What’s wrong with my dog” or your dog doesn’t listen to you, this article is for you. If your dog doesn’t want to do anything, you should consider that a lot of factors influence its motivation. Here are the most common of them.


? The trainer frightens the dog with his behaviour


The trainers behaves rough with his dog, shouts out commands sharply, makes the dog take a pose physically or punish for wrong actions. The trainer can think that it is a stubborn dog, but it is only frightened.
In this case, you should make a pause, calm down your dog. Continue training with positive reinforcement only (praise for right actions and ignore wrong ones). Create conditions when chances to do the exercise well increase. Keep calm. Power of positive reinforcement training was approved in work with a lot of animals.


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? Dog’s body condition


For example, your dog is tired or it gets hurt. Hunger, hormonal changes and stress make a dog nervous or slack. In this case, stop training, have a rest. If your dog doesn’t want to work, give it a longer rest. Watch its behaviour in daily life. Notice changes of habits, mood, appetite, walk. Pay attention to any defluvium, whether it sleeps well, its energy level, whether it has a desire to walk, whether its food excesses have changed, how it reacts to touching. If you have notice some changes, go to a vet.


? The dog doesn’t understand what you want

Dogs looks at our world differently. You should try to be a dog to understand it. Students train each other at dog trainer courses. Only in this case it becomes clear how difficult for a dog to understand what a man wants from it.
Some dog trainers praise their dog too late, and desirable action isn’t reinforced.
Dogs are very perceptive to movements. Little foot or shoulders twist, body bend or arm move influence dog’s behaviour and affect its actions.
Often a dog trainer influences a dog too much not letting it concentrate and do its job. A dog can get perplexed with persistent trainer’s corrections.


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? Training structure is wrong


Any training starts with a plan. This plan includes aims and goals. For example, if a dog is trained to search, it is given an object to smell at first. Then it is asked to find this object at the distance of a few steps, where it is seen. After that the object is hidden further and further. The task becomes more difficult gradually. If the dog is asked to do a hard task at once, the animal probably will not understand what they want from it.


? The trainer demands to perform an exercise too many times

A sane dog will not do the same exercise many times one after another. It will get tired mentally and probably physically. Make a break in this case. Continue training with the other exercise. A good training session consists of different exercises for a few minutes each. If a dog is forced to repeat the exercise, it is not natural, and the dog can lose a drive to study with a man. Besides, it can become passive. Some breeds resist violence during training. That’s why they are considered to be hard-taught. However, if they are trained according to the rule below, they often show real talents.


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? The praise does not corresponds to a task or dog’s preferences


For example, the dog would like to play as a praise, but the trainer gives it food. A kind of treats matters. You should give your dog a choice: hide different treats in your hands and give it to sniff and choose what it likes the best.
Take note, rough patting is considered as punishment by many dogs. Unpleasant games also cannot be a praise. Watch your dog to find the best way to praise it.


? The dog is not interested in the task



Thrive to study is a natural state of any living creature. Nevertheless it does not mean that any dog can be taught anything. If your dog does not want to play games or perform commands you like, back it off!

It may occur that the reason why your dog doesn't listen to your and doesn't want to work is wrong, inconvenient, low quality K9 training equipment. You can find a lot of K9 supplies approved by professional dog trainers and vets at our dog harnesses store.