Black Russian Terrier

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Black Russian Terrier

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The Black Russian Terrier is abbreviated as BRT, or Stalin's dog - it is a dog breed, developed to serve as police dog or guard dog. It is rare observed outside the countries of the former Soviet Union but beginning to be formally recognized elsewhere: in July 2004, for example, it became one of the American Kennel Club recognized breeds.

Despite its name, the Black Russian Terrier is not a true Terrier: about twenty dog breeds were used in its breeding, including the Airedale, the Giant Schnauzer, the Rottweiler, the Newfoundland, the Caucasian Shepherd and Moscow Newfoundland.

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Dog Muzzle UK

Dog Muzzle UK for Black Russian Terrier Daily Activities

Black Russian Terrier understands and runs commands on the first try. The dog is quick-witted and smart. Black Russian Terrier needs regular training with intellectual-oriented approach. The dog is explained the sense of certain action and then praised after running the command. Black Russian Terrier is able to remember a plenty of dog commands, that's why this dog breed is perfect for service work.

Black Russian Terrier is sturdy and not very fastidious. The dog likes long walks and active pastime. It's an excellent swimmer and a good hunter. Russian Terrier is a universal dog. It can leave in a house as well as in a flat. Don't enchain the dog, this is violent for it. Only constant dog training makes an obedient guardian from this dog.

Black Russian Terrier is very strong and powerful dog and needs special dog gear for walking, training, sports and working. It doesn't matter what kind of activities your dog is engaged in, the main point is to choose heavy-duty, reliable and ever-safe equipment for dog control, physical development, comfort and style.

Dog muzzle UK is intended to secure the dog in the public. When the dog wears our dog muzzle UK it doesn't feel any discomfort, vice versa, it can breathe freely, bark, pant, lick its nose and even dring water! We don't produce dog muzzles, which hurt the dogs, our every dog muzzle UK is made with care for your pet!

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Dog Muzzle UK

Designer Leather Dog Harness for Black Russian Terrier (If You Walk the Dog in Public Places, Put On the Dog Muzzle UK)

Nylon dog harness is the best for physical exercises, training and daily walks with your Black Russian Terrier in any weather. Leather dog harness will underline your dog's beauty and will protect it during attack training. Top quality material, excellent design and reliability in every Black Russian Terrier harness!

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Dog Muzzle UK

Universal Nylon Harness for Black Russian Terrier (Don't Forget About the Dog Leash and Dog Muzzle UK)

Bite tugs are essential dog bite training tools. We use only non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials to make our dog bite training tugs. All of them are widely used by the leading dog trainers for effective and successful exercising and in the contests.

Dog Muzzle UK Dog Muzzle UK GSD Muzzle

See more dog muzzles UK for Black Russian Terrier walking and training.

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