How to Travel with a Dog by Car?

How to Travel Safely with a Dog in the Car?

Travelling with a dog by car is not only possible, but also joyful. How to travel with your dog in the car in safe and pleasant way for you both? Let's find out!

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First of all, you need to gather all the necessary information and get directions before your trip. The Europeans are friendly to pets. You will be able to move freely with your dog in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Italy. Dogs are not admitted in churches and museums, some restaurants, sights and public beaches, but it is possible to find dog friendly hotels and pet friendly beaches in any European city. Dogs are accepted willingly aboard a gondola in Venice. Dogs are allowed in small private hotels of the Balkans.

It is better to take dog travel cage and to put on the canine a muzzle in public places. There exist some rules of comfortable travelling with dog by car.

How to travel by car with your dog?

  • Prepare the route. Move on in advance thought over way to avoid difficulties. There are special websites, which help to lay a route, to time the road, the amount of fuel, the nearest hotels, the cost of roads (if there are paid ones).
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  • Book a hotel. Not all hotels accept animals. It is better to choose the place of residence before you leave a starting point. Find the designation "pets accepted" on the website. Ask about extra payment for the dog. Use the websites with a large number of hotels.
  • Dog food. Take dog kibble counting upon time of all trip: the brand you buy for your dog may not be in the country you are going to and if it is on sale, you will hardly like to search it while your travel. If you feed your canine with natural dog food, it is better to buy rice (with preparation time on the package) and forcemeat or raw meat. You can buy forcemeat in a supermarket.

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  • Don't forget to take med kit, wet wipes, several dog collars and leashes, dog muzzle, dog car seat belt, dog travel crate, a towel to clean dog's paws. The collar should also have your contact information in case your dog escapes.
  • Collect necessary documents. You must get your dog vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, have a pet passport issued by your vet with marks of worming and flea treatment. Some countries demand that the animal should be in the cage during transportation.

Ask the airline company about a possibility of dog transportation before buy the ticket. Some airlines don't take dogs with more than the established weight. Some planes have no heating in the cargo compartment.

Follow this advice, learn all the necessary info about dog laws and rules in the countries you are going too and your trip will be full of joy instead of a nerve-racking experience!

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