Is It Cruelly to Walk a Dog on the Leash?

How to Walk Your Dog: with or without a Leash?

Many people consider that well-mannered dogs are walked without a leash because they need freedom, being unhappy on the leash. Those people, whose old dogs are lying at their feet, without the leash, of course, with their eyes closed of boredom, especially like to tell this. We would like to tell you why the leash is a friend and not an enemy for the dog.

Dog Walking
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Quality and Reliable Leash Is a Friend for Dog and for the Owner

Dogs are different. A Terrier will never become a Shepherd, a Basenji – a Poodle, a Chihuahua - a Mastiff. The difference in the characters of two pairs is no less than the difference in sizes of the last one. Dog's behaviour is a combination of genetics and training. We don't train equal puppies, we teach them equal skills, but they perceive them differently.

Every dog can learn the commands "Sit", "Down" and "Come". Good-mannered dog will run these commands when walk outside. However, if you have a gun dog with strong prey drive, it would like to hunt a cat-bird-mouse when had seen the catch. The desire will be so strong that it will be too hard to control itself. But as the dog is well-mannered, it will go along the owner being stressed. It's good, if the handler will entertain the dog with a toy or will start teaching new and interesting trick. The dog will switch to a new task gratefully. But in most cases the owner walks the dog being tired or in a hurry, or walks with his (her) sweetheart on the arm. When the gun dog with strong prey drive walks without the leash and the owner doesn't pay due attention to it, the dog's prey drive increases and it starts chasing the catch one day, forgetting about the manners.

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Leash Is a Control Device to Prevent Unpleasant Situations in Public

Generally, every dog can run away pursuing any objective. Thus, an obedient Shepherd may turn into running away Basenji if the owner doesn't watch the dog (while walking with baby carriage he (she) can't entertain the dog). That dog is unhappy, which is always under pressure and has to keep temper having no opportunity to splash out its energy. And the leash is beside the point.

Every time the dog's response depends on its character and on the situation. Imagine your dog during your daily walk. What will happen if the dog runs away? If there is a high risk that the dog can get run over a car, to scrap with other animals, to bark at passer-by, than you, if you have queasy conscience, won't stay indifferent to the dog's behaviour. This means, you will be angry, nervous, ashamed and there is no good for your relations with the dog. Next time you'll control your dog closely to keep it from running away, in other words you'll hold the dog's attention constantly. And it's good! By the way, such walks are needed to all the dogs. Walk, train, play with your dog!

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The Dog Won't Run Away If You Pay Properly Attention to It

The trouble is that you can't train or play with the dog every time you walk it. Even if you're a fan of dog training. If you have a compressed timetable and a lot of things to do, then dog keeping turns into a torment. More often the owners shorten the time of dog walking or walk their dogs only at pens, falling a victim against of the leash. Unfortunately every so often the owners unleash the dogs, counting on a miracle that everything will be ok.

If you're in a hurry when walk your dog than fasten a leash. It will be better for the dog also. Your relations won't become worse. The dog won't feel stress being afraid to disobey. It depends of equipment whether it will be cruelly to walk the dog on the leash or not.

Refuse flexi dog leash, prong dog collar and choke dog collar. Use quality dog walking harness or dog collar if it doesn't pull on the leash. Halti isn't used for games. Teach your dog not to pull on the leash.

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Dog Harness Is an Indispensable Item for Safe and Pleasant Walking

The leash is a friend and not an enemy. It helps to avoid problems during walking in public places.

Here are useful tips for dog walking.

Don't unleash the dog:

- if the other dog, which plays with yours, doesn't run away and obey (it's only you, who are responsible for your dog);

- if the dog is dangerous for other animals and people, even if it's their loss that they provoked your dog to attack;

- if the dog is disobedient.

Unleash the dog:

- if you're at pen;

- if the dog's attention is totally focused on you during training and games;

- if you're sure that you can call away the dog of another dog, a cat or a cycler before it will run up to them in 99 cases of a 100;

- if it's allowed to unleash the dog in a certain place by law.

Fasten the dog leash:

- if you walk along the road;

- between games and training sessions when you don't need full attention of your dog;

- if the dog will have more prohibitions being unleashed than on the leash.

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