How To Train the Dog at Home, From What to Begin

How to Train the Dog at Home in the Right Way

There is no secret for anyone that the dogs are clever animals. They yield to training easily, that’s why one can teach a dog to perform commands at home conditions.

One needs only to know the basics of training psychology

Dog Training at Home

Dog Training of Malinois with a Training Ball

From What To Begin First Dog Training

In order to prepare for the first lesson you need to lay in a collar, a lead and a dainty for the dog. The delicacies are obligatory during the training and are needed for additional animal's motivation. Because how else will you show for your pet that it acts right?
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Where are the dogs trained? The place should be chosen taking into account, if the dog knows the given location. When the place is unknown, then before the beginning you should give the opportunity for the animal to sniff it around to be convinced in safety and at the absence of threat.

This is important, because it will be difficult for the doggy to be trained in unknown place.

During the training it is needed that you stay together with the dog. This condition is necessary to follow in order the dog does not divert its attention from the commands' performing.


One may use a kibble dog food as a dainty. It’s well transported and does not dirty hands. But if your dog does not want kibble, one can use any other dainty that is preferred by your pet. One can buy even special cookies for training.


In order to prepare your dog to the process of training, run a couple of circles on the stadium and walk it well. And as far as the time is concerned, it's better to choose it how is it suitable for you.

In the summer period of the daytime it’s better not to conduct the training, but if you have free time exactly then, arm yourself with water.

• Basic Training Principles.

The general training time must not exceed an hour, but it’s better to divide it into several small approaches. E.g.: give it a command, let it run after its performing, and then follow the started work.

For all the time of training the dog has to execute all your commands.

To the main commands which enter a basic complex of training refer:

The command “Come”. This is the main assignment which the dog must fulfill. It It is studied in a complex with calling to nickname. Call your dog with a nickname and attract with a dainty, after the performing appraise your dog by all means. Зовите

• The command "Heel". You will need a collar for this assignment .

• The command "Sit". It may be studied in pair with the previous task. The command "Heel".. Обязательно, учите этому собаку только после обучения сидеть, на помощь прейдет лакомство.

• The command "Lie". This command is more complicated, one can teach the together with it to stand guard over the place

• Self-control for the dog. This is the major thing which the dog must study. Because self-control will be needed for your dog to fulfill other your tasks.

• The command "Drop it" and "Give".The first is needed to forbid the dog anything, and the second - to break the habit to pick needless from the ground.

From What Age Are the Dogs Trained

If your dog is still a puppy, so one has to train it from the first days of home life. But one must take into account the age of the dog. The training should begin since three months, before this learn him to go on a collar, to hear the nickname, to perform the command "Come” and inure him to the toilet.

After the mastering of the primary commands pass to the next level, but repeat the already studied material. As a new task study the puppy "Give" command. It may be useful after he takes something from the floor or from the ground.

Here is the Next Level of Training, in the Garden

malinois home training

Belgian Malinois in Training with Bite Toy

dog home training

Bite Tug for Belgian Malinois Training

After three month age repeat all that was studied earlier. In this age the dog is trained well in the form of a game.
The following muzzle may help in future in training your dog not to pick anything from the ground.

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