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Dutch Shepherd or Herder dog is considered to be a very intelligent breed. Its active lifestyle requires specific equipment. We are ready to provide you with the best supplies for your rare in the UK Dutch Herding dog. If you want to get high-quality dog accessories at reasonable prices with excellent service, you are welcome to place your order at Dog Harnesses Store! If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail info@dog-harnesses-store.co.uk.
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Dutch Shepherd is involved in lots of activities. Herder was initially bred to work on a farm, but now it is a great protection dog. Its intelligence is used in police and search and rescue K9 units. Dutch Herding dog is a good family guard. You may find useful our articles about attack dog training and home guarding. Look at professional equipment for Dutch Shepherd as protection dogs.

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Dutch Herders are more than working dogs. This breed also shows good results in agility and obedience. Dutch Shepherd is good as a family dog, but you should establish the rules for it. Otherwise, it will can show its dominance through biting and growling. Educate your dog from puppyhood.


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