Belgian Malinois

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Belgian Malinois

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Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed Info

Malinois is one of 4 variations of Belgian Shepherd. They are short-haired Malinois, wire-haired Laekinois, long-haired Tervuren and Groenendael. Malinois was bred in Belgian city Malines. The name of the breed means "shepherd from Malines". Belgian Malinois is considered the best working dog among the other Belgian Shepherd breeds. It has many similar characteristics with German Shepherd. Malinois is a perfect dog for protective, police, K9, search and rescue work, sport. It has the best qualities of guard, shepherd and defender. The dog is very smart, friendly and loving its family.

Belgian Malinois General Appearance

This is a medium-sized breed. Its body is beautifully proportioned, muscles are strong and well-developed. Belgian Malinois males are 24-26 inches in height and 60-80 pounds in weight, females - 22-24 inches, 40-60 pounds. Malinois is a short-haired dog with dense undercoat. Color of the coat is fawn- to mahogany-colored. There is a black mask on the face, ears and black tips on the hairs are also black. White tips of paws and small white spot on breast are allowed.

Belgian Malinois Collar UK

Character of Belgian Malinois Dog

This is a characterful dog. It is intelligent, but needs regular and careful training and education. Training sessions should be started from the puppyhood. The earlier the puppy will be socialized, the better. Malinois puppy needs time to get used to people, other animals, new things. The dog is energetic and hard-working. It is quickly attached to the owner and family members.

Belgian Malinois Dog Training

Malinois needs everyday physical activities. The dog likes active games, different exercises, run commands of the owner. The dog has good memory and it is rather quickly trained. Think over in advance what your Malinois will learn further after a course of basic dog training. The canine should be engaged in any activity to keep its health and physical shape. Agility, flyball or frisbee are perfect for Belgian Shepherd. The dog The dog should spend 1-2 hours per day actively because lay of physical loads may lead to destructive behavior.

Belgian Malinois Dog Collars

Care for Belgian Malinois

Malinois doesn't need special care, however if you want your pet to look beautifully, you will need to make some efforts. The first and the main point is healthy nutrition. It depends on you to choose natural dog food or professional kibble, the ration should be balanced. As for the rest, Belgian Shepherd is easy to take care of. Hair combing once a week or every 2 weeks. Everyday hair combing during shedding. You needn't bathe the dog often. Use only specialized dog shampoos for bathing to avoid irritations. If your Malinois is going to take part in dog shows, it is important to use the canine to ears and teeth examination from the puppyhood. Clean the dog's ears every 2 weeks.
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