Top Dog Collar Brands

What Are the Best Dog Collar Brands?

A collar is the main attribute of dog equipment. This is the essential item of safe daily outings. It is not as easy as it seems to choose a dog collar because there are a great variety of producers. Which one dog collar brand to choose?

Top Dog Collar BrandsGenuine leather one of the finest materials for quality dog collars producing. There are two leather dog collar brands with strong reputation. They are ForDogTrainers and FDT Artisan. These manufacturers use selected natural leather to make the collars hard-wearing and harmless for dog skin and health.

ForDogTrainers is a world-famed company of top-quality dog supplies. They use 100% leather, which contains no chemicals and is hypoallergic. Leather strap is manually selected, perfectly processed and oiled to make the collar for long-term use. The accessory is soft and flexible enough, but durable and tearproof. It won't rub or cut into a dog's skin because the edges are rounded and waxed.

The hardware of the collar is of nickel-plated steel. Nickel plating makes steel solid, highly resistant to rust and shiny. There is a buckle of classic design. It is easy to fasten and reliable in use. A leash is connected with wide welded D-ring. All the details are riveted and won't fall off. The metal doesn't color dog coat and is suitable for pets, which have no allergy to nickel.

Best Dog Collar BrandsFDT Artisan is the brand of fascinating collars made by hands. This is the exclusive ForDogTrainers collection. Full grain natural leather is the material of each collar. It is super strong, smooth and gentle to the touch. Carefully rounded edges provide your dog with comfort and prevent rubbing.

The collar is fitted with massive belt buckle and weld D-ring for easy and secure attachment of the lead. They are hand set and fixed with rivets for better durability. The fitments are made of chrome-plated steel. This high-luster coating has double protection: steel is covered with nickel first and then with chrome to resist rusting. Yet chrome-plated hardware can corrode under constant influence of water. Chrome-plated steel is suitable for dogs, which coat is not colored with metal details. Choose the collar with nickel-plated hardware if this is the case.

Every collar FDT Artisan comes in a beautiful crafted package, which makes it a perfect gift both for a dog owner and the dog.

These are the best dog collar brands at the dog market. It depends on your taste which one to get. Please, contact us and we will help you to choose the collar for your dog.