Dog Collar or Dog Harness (Part 3)

Why Do We Still Use Collars Instead of Harnesses?

Loose Contact Between the Dog and the Owner

The second reason is lack of contact between the owner and the dog. Indeed, the more you understand your dog, the less you need special aids.

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The dog, which has good contact with the owner, works willingly at training. That is why it needn't to be pulled at leash or collared. Success of dog training depends immensely on reaction of the owner to the dog's signals of reconciliation. For example, if the owner is too rough, the dog shows it the signals and if the owner doesn't react to them and on the contrary becomes angry and raises its pressure (including pulling), the situation is heating up and the dog resists the training. In these cases dog trainers quite often advise to use prong collars and even electroshock collars.

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Harness Will Help to Contact with Your Dog

So the more you know your dog, the more you watch it and the more adequate you respond to its behavior (from the dog's point of view!), the better your contact is and, therefore, the easier you coordinate its actions. That is why every dog owner should know how the dog takes the world. Despite many similarities, this perception differs from ours. Don't be lazy to study this!

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To be continued...