How to Train Dogs Their Name?

How to Train a Dog to Learn His Name?

When you bring a puppy or a dog home, the first thing is how to name your canine. Choosing a puppy name (dog name) is not a simple matter. The name should be short, impressive, harmonious, easy to remember and matching its sex. Dog name is a basis of further training and relations.

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Every time when you give a command to the dog, you call its name. Start training dog to respond to name since its first days at your home regardless of the pet's age. There is an exception when the name of your dog was given by a breeder. Usually dogs get used to their names rather quickly (during 3-4 days).

Call the dog's name every hour on initial stage. Do this during dog feeding, playing, training, when you go to work. Call the dog by name loudly and clearly during the day. Stroke and treat the pet, repeating its name, when it begins to respond and to pay attention to a sound of the name. This will speed up its remembering.

Take dog feeder, fill it with dog food and call the dog's name before feeding. If it doesn't come up (this is normal on 1-2nd days) take the plate to the dog's muzzle, let it smell the food, say its name once again and take the bowl to the place of feeding. The dog will certainly come. Stroke it, tell its name, praise and leave the dog. Don't disturb the pet when it eats.

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Train your dog to respond to its name immediately at the very beginning of training. When the dog will be distracted by something, make it run a command with its name saying. It is recommended to say dog's name first and then a command during further training. Your dog will always respond to its name after it has learned it and there is no need to encourage the pet with treats any more.

As a rule, the puppy responds to the name to the age of 3 months. But conditions of this skill improvement should be complicated gradually. Do this when you walk your dog and it is at a long distance. Sometimes, when you call the dog by name, it should work to stop a fight. Your voice should be raised and strict in this case.

When you train your dog to its name, the voice should be, on the contrary, gentle, but clear and serious. Menace in voice when calling the dog's name is considered an error during training. You shouldn't do this even if you have a guard or working dog. Canines have a good ear. They can distinguish tone of the owner, catch strict notes in the voice. You will say your dog's mane with menace voice only for punishment.

Just arm yourself with patience. There is nothing wrong if you spent a week instead of 4 days for dog name training. Puppies are different as well as children.

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