German Boxer

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German Boxer

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German Boxer or just Boxer is a representative of large, heavily-built and short-haired breed. Boxers, which had been bred in Germany, became widely known as guards. Boxer is a fine companion and a sincere friend.

German Boxers are watchdogs, bodyguards, police and K9 dogs. Boxers are intelligent and balanced. They can be guide and assistance dogs due to these qualities. The Boxer dog is very active by nature and likes to be outdoors, to walk for long, to play in the open air. Despite the dog's sociability and friendliness towards the owner and family members, its attitude to strangers is cautious.

What Is the Origin of a Boxer Dog?

Boxer's ancestors are Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Bullenbaisers (do not exist nowadays). The breed was represented first at Munich dog show in 1896. Boxers were used in German army in the World War I as letter carriers and scouts.

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When the dog wants to play, it starts moving paws in the air like boxing. Such a special manner, which makes Boxers different from the other dogs, predetermined the name of the breed.

What Is a Boxer Dog Temperament?

Cheerful, playful, curious, energetic - these features characterize German Boxers to the full. The dogs are faithful to their owners and are very much attached to family members.

A well trained Boxer gets along with children very well. It will be not only a great companion to your child, but also a secure guard.

Good-mannered and socially adapted Boxer will get on fine with the other dogs living at your home and even with cats. However, small animals and birds is a real "temptation" for Boxers. The dog can be taught not to touch them, and it will not do this in your presence. But it is better not to leave Boxer alone with them.

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Adults have a calm temperament that is a direct result of proper training at early age. The dog will show suspicion of strangers all his life, bark at them and keep out of the owner if not to train communicative qualities.

Boxer remains spontaneous and childish until the age of 2-3, although it grows up by the age of 1.5 year physically. Many owners complain that Boxers do not run the commands, but this breed needs time to learn and reinforce new information. The owners ensure that this is the case then: the dog runs all the commands it has been taught for a long time eventually.

How to Train Boxer Dogs?

Boxers are smart and coachable dogs. They are balky and perceive new information selectively at the same time. They refuse running many commands and prefer to obey only those ones they like.

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Some owners believe that Boxers should be trained with stakes and incentives by punishing for disobedience and encouraging for commands running. Punishment is needles in Boxer training because the dogs perceive this method badly. Positive reinforcement dog training (praise, treats, stroking) is the best suitable for Boxers. You will certainly achieve excellent results using particular set of commands during training. Boxer remembers learnt commands for a long time with the correct and clear goals setting.

Boxer dog training is started from the moment when the puppy is at your home and full training – from 3 months. First off, Boxer is trained basic commands – "Sit", "Down", "Heel". You can train the pet to run the command "Come" when it learns the previous ones. The "Come" is the main command, which Boxer should run in any situation and at the first attempt.

German Boxer loves outside activities. The dog likes long walks and it will become a perfect companion for the person loving morning and evening run.

Make sure you have all necessary supplies for edutainment of your German Boxer: harness, collar, lead, toys, bite tugs. Contact us via e-mail and we will advise you what fit your dog in the best way.

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