Stop: Very Important Command for Your and Dog's Safety

"Stop!": What is important in this dog command

The command "Stop!" must be for your dog something other than "No!". The point is that it opens its mouth to give back objects or living beings. This is a very important part of dog training.

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"Stop!": If the dog has to "leave out"

"Stop!" does not mean "No!" - but many dog owners use both terms in the training of their animal as synonyms. The difference is that "No!" means a general prohibition formula, and "Stop!" means "leaving out" of objects or creatures that are in the mouth of the animal. You can say loud and clearly "Stop!" to make your pet to leave out your house slippers. But do this gently, since especially teeth of young dogs are quite sensitive.

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Stop: Voluntary mouth opening is important

If you train your dog good with the command "Stop!", it learns something very important: You must be able to open its mouth without the animal bites. This is significant for the case when the four-legged is going to swallow down an object. Also, the veterinarian must have the ability to control safe the teeth of the dog.

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Stop: Against the nature of the dog

To teach your dog the command "Stop!" is not easy. As a hunting animal the dog has an instinct to grip and don't leave out its prey. Practise the command again and again, until the animal reacts immediately. Here you must act with great consistency. Since "Stop!" is one of the commands that your dog must do definitely unconditionally and without delay.

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