Purebred Dog or Mixed Breed?

Should I Get a Purebred or Mixed Breed?

This question is often asked by the beginners when they choose a dog at first time.

Both purebred and mixed breeds have enough admirers and opponents. Let's find out what a difference is between pedigree dogs and mongrels.

Statement 1. You can get mixed dog breed free of charge and keep it cheaper than purebred dog.

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Actually: we have to agree with the first part of this statement. You can really get a mixed breed dog without cost in spite of pedigree canine, which is rather expensive to buy.

The second part of the statement is disputable. If purebred dog doesn't take part in shows and rings, which take away much costs of an owner, its keeping costs the same as of any mongrel.

Think about, you won't feed a pet with scraps, walk it on a rope and cure with the cheapest meds only because its ancestors are unknown to you? Mixed dog, which lives at your home, eats the same good food, wears beautiful clothes and visits qualified vet as well as purebred dog does.

Therefore those who take not a pedigree friend in hope to save money at its keeping are wrong.

Statement 2. Mixed dogs are healthier and live longer.

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Actually: it is difficult to answer this question uniquely. On one hand, not purebred pets, unlike pedigree animals, have no the majority of genetic and hereditary diseases, which result from closely related crossing or active intervention of human into breeding process.

However it doesn't mean that all mongrels are a priori healthy. It is difficult to say that the beginning of mixed doggies' life is glittering. Poor food and a good few of internal and external parasites, which their mother may have, lack of normal conditions in the first days of life, constant malnutrition - all this influences immunity of the animal.

Even if you have taken a puppy in the street in the age of month or two, its health can be already thoroughly affected by all these adverse factors. Adult mix dogs, which live outside, have diseases and even die as their purebred brothers.

Statement 3. Mixed dogs are stronger genetically because they are bred in natural way.

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Actually: unlike wolf pack, where only alpha male has the right to leave offspring, mongrel dogs, even living together, don't have such a hierarchy. Purebred dog breeders pay great attention not only to breed adjustment, but also to health of the male and its blood relatives. Therefore the chance that pedigree puppies will be without gene mutations is better.

Statement 4. Mixed dog breeds are extraordinary clever.

Actually: dog's mind and agility don't depend on the breed or its absence.

Perhaps, it is possible say that mixed breeds are more universal dogs, which can guard the house, act in circus or shepherd. But any purebred dog, whose ancestors were engaged in something, will easily spot most of not pedigree canines.

That is why, if you want your pet to do some work well, it is better to give preference to the representative of the breed, which is intended especially for this.

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Statement 5. Mixed dogs are very beautiful and unusual in spite of some traditional pedigree breeds.

Actually: exterior of mix dog breeds is impossible to predict unlike purebred dogs because if the mother of the majority of puppies can be identified, the father can't be found.

Farther ancestors have such a mix of sizes, colors and exteriors that you won't guess whom the puppy is more like. This doesn't mean that mixed dogs aren't beautiful. Just when you choose such a dog, be ready to different surprises.

Statement 6. Mixed breeds are more devoted and, protecting the owner, are ready, without thinking, to give their lives.

Actually: dogs, which live outside more than one generation, have specific, peculiar to the majority of wild animals, passive-defensive response. Most mongrels, having seen danger, will just escape from it not because they are bad or ungrateful.

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A self-preservation instinct demand to save, first of all, itself, and the mongrel, as well as numerous generations of its ancestors, unconditionally obeys inner voice.

Ancestors of purebred dogs, especially guard and service ones were carefully selected and though today more attention is paid to exterior, working dogs have the majority of their ancestors' qualities.

However, the commitment to instincts of mix dogs has plus side. Lack of ability to take decisions makes mixed breeds stress-resistant. This means, mix dogs take absence of their owners and various situations easier.

All misbelieves mentioned above don't mean that mixed dog breeds are bad. They are just for everyone to understand that mixed dogs also need love, care, warmth, training and normal conditions of keeping.

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You will certainly grow faithful and devoted dog with beautiful and well-groomed exterior from an ordinary-looking puppy if follow these requirements. Then, when you will walk your dog on a leash, you see how delighted owners of purebred dogs are looking at your mixed dog!

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