Choose a Dog Collar Design

Which Dog Collar is Best?

A collar is one among must-have dog goods for daily use. Dog collars serve for control and safety of your canine companions during outings. The collar is a functional attribute and a proud boast as well. Dog collars designs are the most diverse and each high-quality accessory is a small work of art. Designer dog collars add touch of style to your pets. There is a large variety of dog collars by design. Hand painted and decorated models are the most in demand. What type of dog collar is best for your pet?

Hand Painted Leather Dog CollarsFirst off, let's pay attention to a material of a collar. Genuine leather is the most suitable fabric for designer dog collars producing. Leather contains no toxicants and is hypoallergic. Carefully processed leather strap is flexible, soft and has no rough edges. The collar of natural leather won't cause rubbing, irritations and other skin problems. It is harmless for dog health and provides comfort while wearing.

Designer leather dog collars are hard-wearing and strong. They are functional and intended for long-term use despite their decorative look. The collars are equipped with solid hardware for reliable use: a classic buckle and a D-ring for leash attachment. The buckle is easy to fasten. It allows the collar size adjustment. The D-ring is weld, wide and suitable for any type of a snap hook. These details are made of nickel-plated steel, sturdy and shiny alloy.

Hand Painted Dog CollarsA hand painted leather dog collar is a unique accessory of unmatched design. Vivid forks of fire adorn the item. They are painted by hands and even if you buy two collars with this drawing, they will be different. It is physically impossible to paint identical ornament twice. Our artists patter the collar with a special technique. The paints are non-toxic and resistant to water and sunlight. However it is not recommended to use the accessory in rainy weather to prolong its service life. If you wish your dog to have an exclusive collar, this model is just the thing!

Decorated collar is the alternative variant for those, who want to emphasize beauty and to add a touch of style to the dog. Mix of luxurious decorations makes the collar splendid. There are large plates in imitation of old bronze and silver-like spikes and cones. Such a combination looks gorgeously. The collar reminds precious necklace. Your dog will catch admiring glances with this accessory on.

Designer Leather Dog CollarsAll the adornments are reliably fixed with rivets and won't fall away. The collar is a practical attribute for daily walking despite its rich design.

Both models are handmade. It depends on your taste which one to get. Whatever collar you choose, take properly care for it and the item will serve your dog for long.

Leather collars are unsuitable for bathing, swimming and walking in heavy rain. Wipe the collar with a dry cloth and let it dry at room temperature if it got wet. Oil the collar with a balsam leather care when it is dried.

The collar may change its color under the influence of direct sunlight.

Use a special ventilated bag of natural fabric to hold the collar and keep it from excessive dryness, dust and humidity.

Please, note that every dog has its own bodily constitution and it is better to consult a specialist if you are doubt regarding one or another collar. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.