Hyper Dogs: What to Do

Dealing with a Hyper Dog

Dog owners often get problems with their pets that become uncontrolled at some times. Let’s try to puzzle out why it happens and how to solve this issue.

What do dog owners mean by a hyper active dog? It stands for a puppy that can’t keep down in various situations – when guests come, when it is going to be walked, etc. An animal jumps, shifts around, barks, pulls the lead, and doesn’t perform commands that it knows.

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Dogs Can be too Hyper in a Growing up Period

Why is My Dog so Hyper

1.    Bad education and unprofessional training

2.    Lack of physical load required for a puppy. It often occers when your puppy is growing up.

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Playing Tug of War

Train Your Dog and Reduce Hyperactivity

What to Do with a Hyper Dog

You need to calm a hyper dog with the commands “Stop!”, “Sit!”, “Lay!” ond others of a general obedience course. Therefore, the better your pet knows these commands, the easier you can control its temper. Pay attention to your dog’s self-possession. For examle, give your pet the “Sit!” command, while opening the door, then come yourself, and then give the “Heel!” command to your dog.

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Doberman is a Very Hyper Dog

Give a Load to Your Extremely Hyper Dog

We live in a modern hectic world, but if you understand “my dog is too hyper and I must do something”, you should find time and give your pet loads.

Main principles of physical exercises: don’t train your dog in a hot weather, do the exercises before feeding, don’t give the loads that your dog can’t bear. Training sessions must make your dog happy, not exhaust it. Let your pet drink after 10-15 minutes after the training, feed it in an hour.

The most popular exercises for hyper energetic dogs: retrieving, running, moving up the sloping surface, swimming, games in water, tug of war, pulling.

Let your dog walk by itself during 20-30 minutes, so it can do its deed.

If you want to use a bike, start with short distances, don’t rub out your dog’s paws pads against the asphalt. Add a load weight to the dog harness and watch how your pet feels. Use towing only if your dog is older than 1 year (puppy’s skeleton is not formed under 1 year).

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Bilejoring is a Good Way to Calm a Hyper Dog

Hyper Dog Breeds

And the last tip: choose a dog according to your temper. Here are some examples of breeds with different levels of activness:

Most hyper dogs: Doberman, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Riesenschnauzer, hunting dogs

Medium level of activness: German Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd, Sctottish Shepherd, Black Russian Terrier

Less active dogs: Bulldogs, Rottweiler, Mastiffs, Newfoundland, St. Bernard Dog.

And the main advice: don’t let dog training runs its course. Read special literature, talk to owners of the same breeds, and, of course, praise and pamper your pet! Good luck!