Choosing Dog Collar Width

Choose the Best Dog Collar Width

Collar width for dog is one of the major features you have to consider when get this must-have attribute of daily use. There are various widths of dog collars, but 0.9 inch (20 mm) and 1.5 inch (40 mm) are the most common ones. Which one will be more comfortable for the dog? We hope that our tips will help you in choosing the proper collar width for your pet.

Choosing Dog Collar WidthDog collar width choice depends upon age, size, temper and kind of your dog's activity.

There are guiding rules of the width choosing:

  • The larger the dog is the wider collar it needs.
  • Wide and extra wide collars (over 1.5 inch) are chosen for large and powerful dogs.
  • Narrow collars are not for active, big and strong dogs, which pull on the leash. Such a collar can cut into the dog's skin, hurt the pet and tear.
  • Collars of narrow width are for puppies, medium and large breeds, which are well-trained and even-tempered.

Choose thin collar for a puppy because its neck is tender and sensitive and the collar won't traumatize it. Narrow collar is light-weighted, its edges are rounded to prevent rubbing and discomfort. The collar is absolutely harmless for the puppy and suitable for walking and basic training. The collar width is changed while puppy's growth.

Best Dog Collar WidthYou can use narrow collar also for middle and large-sized dog walking if you are doubly sure in its obedience and calmness in any situation.

Wide collars are suitable for young and grown-up dogs. They serve for walking and training. Dog control is the main function of the collars.

High durability, wearing quality and tearing strength are the advantages of wide collars. You will control the dog with confidence and won't hurt it due to optimal wideness of the collar.

Both collars are practical, safe and reliable in use. It depends on your dog's size and age which one to get. Remember that every dog has its own bodily constitution and it is better to consult a specialist if you are doubt regarding one or another collar. Please, contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.