Pitch and Go

New Dog Sport - Pitch & Go!

Pitch and Go is a fetching trial, where a dog and a handler take part as a team. The aim of the game is to gather as many points as possible within specified time by throwing dog fetching toy in field zones with max scores. Handler throws a fetch tool and the dog should bring it to back out of start line, in other words, the dog has to step outside of the line with one paw at least.

Dog Fetch Balls

Dog Fetch Ball on String for Pitch and Go

Every dog can take part in Pitch and Go regardless of breed, size, age and training level. Principal condition is the dog should be controlled, non-aggressive and loving to bring the owner fetch toys.

Japan is a birthplace of Pitch and Go.

This kind of sport is an excellent leisure activity for your dog and you.

Pitch and Go Rules

One handler and one dog perform at the field together. The cover of the ground for competitions should be flat, non-slipping and not too solid. Handler can use only one fetching tool during performance. Handler performs no more than with 2 dogs in every discipline.

Fetch Dog Ball

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Dogs are allowed to be present at the field only during trials (otherwise this may lead to elimination of the participants).

Dog clothes and equipment (leash, pinch collar etc.), which discomfort canines and can cause traumas mustn't be put on.

Aggressive dog's behavior is impermissible (participant with aggressive dog is eliminated).

Ill, weak dogs and female dogs in season are excluded from the competition.

Handlers should clean up after the dogs at the field (otherwise the result is annulled and the participants are eliminated).

Dog Fetch Toys

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Cruelty to animals is forbidden (elimination).

Arguing with the judge on the score is forbidden.

Frisbee disks are forbidden for fetching.

Balls, any fabric dog toys, special fetching items (dog dumbbells, dog bite tugs) are allowed.

Dogs are divided into 2 height categories: mini (shoulder height to 40 cm) and maxi (from 40.1 cm).

The dog needs vet certificate with a rabies shot.

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Every pair has 90 sec to make as many throws as possible. Handler throws fetching tool trying to hit the zones with max points. The dog brings a fetch back to handler. The judge gives a signal for start and timing is begun when the fetch is thrown and crossed the mark. Handler can't step on the mark except on the case when the dog didn't bring the fetching tool and it is needed to be returned by oneself.

Dog fetching toy should hit the ground. Points aren't scored if the dog caught the tool in the air before it had touched the ground. The fetch should fall within marked zones. Points wouldn't be scored if the tool had been fallen out of marked zone.

The dog should give back the fetch in the starting area by stepping over the mark with any forepaw. If the dog dropped the tool out of the start, the points aren't scored.

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Team participation is also allowed in spring pole. A team should consist of 3 pairs (handler-dog) and has the name. The team that is scored the max, wins the trial. If the points are equal between the teams, this team is considered to be the winner, which did minimum throws. Repeated throwing is offered when the teams have equal points and quantity of throws.

It is forbidden to train and to play with the dog before the performance at a short distance from the field while the other participants perform.

The dog should be on the leash nearby the handler within the trial zone. Uncontrolled dog moving without the leash is forbidden.

Dogs that have some defects of development or body build that deliver no troubles to both (canine and handler) and that won't cause traumas during performance are allowed.

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