Best Guide Dog Harness

Which Guide Dog Harness to Choose?

Guide dogs play essential role for visually impaired people. They help them to follow directions and to socialize in society. A guide dog needs a specialized gear to assist people with reduced capabilities and to do this to maximum effect.

What is the best guide dog harness for assistance dog? There are 2 of them, which are designed together with experts and produced by professionals.

Leather Guide Dog Harness

The first model of guide harness is made of high-quality genuine leather. It is durable and wearproof. The harness has short back handle and long removable handle. Both of them are covered with leather. Large handle is easily detached with quick-release buckles and the small one is fixed. Moreover, long handle always stays in the position the handler left it.

This leather guide dog harness is adjustable. You can regulate the size of the harness and fit it to your dog perfectly. It is very easy to put the harness on and off with quick-detach buckle. There is also wide D-ring on the back for leash fastening. Metal details of the harness are brass. They are welded, solid and rust-resistant.

There are reflective stripes on the harness to make the dog visible in the dark. Sign Velcro patches on both sides will identify the dog.

Natural leather is extra strong and safe for the dog material. It adjusts to the body contours and provides exceptional comfort and air circulation. The harness is maximum functional and convenient in use. It is also suitable for guide dog training.

Nylon Guide Dog Harness

The second model is made of nylon. It is incredibly durable, light-weighted and weather-resistant. This nylon guide dog harness won't stretch or spoil under the influence of wet and water. Front chest strap is of two-ply nylon for additional strength and dog comfort. There is a reflective strap on the chest to increase visibility in the dark.

There are two handles on the harness: a short and a long one. Short nylon handle on the back is reliably stitched to the harness. Long handle is of solid and light steel that is covered with nylon. The handle doesn't lies on the dog's back and always remains in fixed position you leave it. Two quick-detach buckles allow to remove the handle and to use this harness for training.

The straps of the harness are wide to avoid cutting into the dog's skin and rubbing. Every strap is carefully sewed and double stitched in some places. Under belly strap is easy to adjust. It allows harness size regulation. There is also quick-detachable buckle of molded plastic, which saves your time when you put this harness on the dog.

A leash is fastened to the floating O-ring on the small handle. All metal fittings are welded, sound and corrosion-resistant being made of chrome-plated steel. You can choose ID patches, which are attached on both sides on Velcro.

Both harnesses are suitable for medium and large dogs. Please, write us if you have any questions.