Siberian Husky Grooming

Husky Grooming


If you are a happy owner of big and kind Siberian Huskies, this article about dog grooming will be very useful for you.
Husky is very clean as they are used to live in the wild nature. But they need additional care especially when they shed. You must do it carefully, because unpleasant feelings can cause negative attitude towards any grooming procedures.


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Step 1. Prepare necessary dog grooming tools:


  • dog comb
  • slicker brush for dogs
  • hair dryer
  • straight scissors


Step 2. Husky brushing is a main grooming procedure for this breed, as they were originated in Siberia and have thick undercoat. You should brush your Siberian Husky twice a month and twice a day while it is shedding. You should pay extra attention at such areas as neck, between paws, and tail. Careful brushing helps to detect acarians and get rid of dead skin pieces. You can brush you Husky along and against the hair. Put up the upper layer with one hand and brush with other.


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Step 3. Husky doesn’t require regular trimming, because they shed unnecessary fur by themselves. You should only trim your Husky’s paws between toes and backside. If you do it for the first time, let your pet get used to this procedure: make noise with scissors near its paws imitating trimming.

Step 4. Watch your dog’s paw pads and nails length with a nail clipper.

Step 5. Take care of your Husky’s mouth. Check if there are bad smells or sores. Brush your dog’s teeth since puppyhood with the help of soft brush and special dog toothpaste.
Such grooming procedures will help you to maintain your Husky’s health and beauty.


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