Dog Pulling

Tug of War or Dog Pulling – a New Kind of Dog Sport

Dog pulling is one of the newest kinds of sport for dogs. It's like a human tug-of-war, but there are some peculiarities considering the psychology and behavior of our four-legged friends.

What Are the Conditions to Run the Dog Pulling?

The dogs of any breed, which are older 10 months, are allowed to take part in competitions. Dog pulling contests are run in 3 weight categories to balance winning chances of every participant. Dogs with weight up to 25 kg fall under the first group. The second group includes dogs with weight 25 – 35 kg. The third group consists of heavy-weight dogs, which body mass can reach 35-45 kg.

Dog Training for Pulling

Malinois Shepherd Is Trained with Bite Toy for Pulling

Solid canvas belt or cord is usually used for dog pulling. The length of the tool is about 3 m with holders at both ends. The center of the strap is marked with contrast color. Start fixing is made on shadow-proof barrier 1-1.5 m high.

Dog Pulling Rules

The contest is started at the command "On mark". Dogs stand on both sides of the barrier facing it and each other. The leash is used at handlers' will. Then "Get set" command follows. The strap is laid centrally on the barrier by the judge helper and its ends hangs down on both sides. Handlers raise up the ends of the strap at the command "Go", let the dogs to come up and to catch the holders with teeth.

Dog Training to Pull

Tug of War Dog Training with Special Bite Tool

The dog should pull its end of the strap in the direction out of the barrier. Handlers may ask 2 tries (repeats). The dog loses if releases the holder first or if touches the barrier with any part of its body. Both participants are awarded certain points regardless of the contest results.

Points in Dog Pulling

Dogs get scores for the time of competition and the win. The dog get 1 point for every 10 sec it stands the contest. Flawless victory is 10 points. There are also penal sanctions in dog pulling. The judge will charge 3 demerit points for any help to the dog or improper behavior. Moreover, fight provocation is a rough stuff and is scored rather harder – 30 points. This foul leads to disqualification.

Useful gear for dog pulling training, click on the pictures!

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