Stop Dog Jumping on You

How to Wean Your Dog From Jumping on You?

It doesn't matter why your dog jumps on you. The most important is to get rid of this bad habit. There are no difficulties in breaking of dog jumping on the owner and other people. All that you need is to do some easy body movements (you'll see their description below). There are maximum short but teachable tips.

1. Ignoring

Turn your back on the dog when it jumps on you. Do it as many times as the dog does so. The dog will calm down and stop jumping after several idle attempts.

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It's high time to sit down and to stroke the dog. It's very important to sit down and not to stroke your dog while standing because the dog may not help itself and jump on you. By the way, this is very effective and harmless method.

2. Punishment at the Moment of Jumping

When the dog jumps on you, give a strict command "No" and push it off.

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You may do a slight push with your knee in the dog's breast at the moment of jumping. 1-2 times will be enough to stop your dog jumping.

3. The Dog Jumps on Passers-by

If the dog jumps on your fellows or strangers passing-by, give a strict command "No" and pull the dog leash at the moment of jumping. Then do as suited the situation. Either give a command "Heel" and move on or give a command "Sit" and stop.

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Do what you need in this situation. As you see, it's all too easy to wean your dog from jumping on you and other people. Besides, you need to train your dog to run "Heel" command and to get quality dog equipment for reliable control over your dog during daily walks.

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