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Where to find quality supplies for your Shar-Pei? We are glad to offer:

  • Extra-fine, stylish and durable Shar-Pei accessories for everyday and professional use.
  • There is an exclusive collection of dog products for Shar-Pei walking, training, sport, work and shows.
  • We provide worldwide shipping. Afraid of buying online? Do you think the purchased item will not fit your Sharpei? You can always return or exchange the product. If you still have any questions concerning size, color, fittings or applications of any piece of Shar-pei equipment, contact us. Our customer support team is at your service!
  • We have flexible discount system and special offers for our loyal customers, retailers and distributors. There is free products test for our bulk customers when order payment is done. Personal support is provided for every client.

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Sharpei was developed to guard, hunt and herd, but now this breed is mostly known as a beloved companion dog. You never confuse Shar-pei with other breeds because of its short, bristly coat and loose, wrinkled skin. This special breed requires special walking and training equipment. Our specialists are well-informed about peculiarities of your pet, so your four-legged friend will feel no discomfort while walking in our Shar-Pei harness, collar and muzzle.
Have fun with your Chinese Shar-Pei playing with our dog toys:

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