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Shar-Pei was a guard, hunt and herd dog initially, but now this breed is mostly known as a beloved companion dog. Shar-Pei is a very active and sociable dog of medium height and square shape with strong and stocky build. The body is covered with numerous wrinkles. You will never confuse Shar-Pei with other breeds because of its short, bristly coat and loose, wrinkled skin. Shar-Pei is even-tempered, self-confident, noble, clever and whole-soled dog.

Shar-Pei Dog Character

Shar-Pei needs early socialization otherwise the dog may become over-aggressive. Generally, Shar-Pei gets along well with the other pets, but some Shar-Peis are very aggressive to other dogs. All existing characteristics of this breed emphasize mind, intelligence, and development of the Shar-Pei. It is worth noting that intellect of the dog in combination with delicate, calm, but strong character preaches Shar-Pei up over the other dogs.

Shar-Pei Harness

Shar-Pei is recommended for a strong-willed person because this breed loves to lead and to boss over. The owner should possess a cold head, a heavy hand and an iron will. Only then you will have a loyal, devoted and reliable friend.

It should be mentioned that despite the dogs' desire to dominate, all their actions are devoid of aggression. They are very obedient, patient, tolerant and quick-witted.

Shar-Pei has a trifle menacing and frown appearance, but the dog is kind, sociable and in need of care actually. Shar-Pei adores good company including children. It is more than friendly and intelligent with its family members. The dogs are faithful to their owners and family. Therefore they react badly to the presence of strangers in their territory. This is the very character trait, which made Shar-Pei an excellent defender and guard.

Shar-Pei Dog Training

In general Shar-Pei dogs are cute, friendly and clever. They can get along perfectly with other pets and people. This is possible only after correct and timely socialization. Otherwise, the dog can become aggressive. In order to train a perfect companion and a friend in deed, you will have to work hard.

Shar-Pei Accessories

These dogs learn commands and requests very well; the only problem is that they often refuse these commands running. All this is due to their stubbornness and innate sense of self-independence.

You can start training your Shar-Pei puppy at the age of 3-4 months. If to habituate the pet to the other people and animals with the same age, it will be possible to mollify natural dominant nature of the dog substantially. Acquaint your little Shar-Pei with everyone: cats, dogs, and people. Always involve Shar-Pei in playing with children. The dog will become more patient and calmer when grows up if to train it right.

Only measured strictness can overcome temper of Shar-Pei. Even the very first training should begin with a "firm" intonation and strong action. It is worth learning with the dog such commands as "Come!", "Down!", "No!".

Strictness should never turn into aggression, much less violence. The dogs are very sensitive and even the slightest hint of harsh treatment can undercut friendly relations. Remember that strictness should be fair. Shar-Pei training has to be in a spirit of trust and respect to each other and not in fear.

This special breed requires specific walking and training equipment. Your four-legged friend will feel no discomfort with our Shar-Pei harness, collar and muzzle.

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