Miniature Bull Terrier

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Miniature Bull Terrier

EZ Walk Harness for Bull Terrier for all purposes! Our dog harnesses for Bull Terriers are made of selected leather and nylon. They are very popular among Bull Terrier owners for training, wealthy and chic look and for multi usage in dog sport and everyday life. Our Bull Terrier harnesses are of the highest quality. You can use them for training, weight pulling work and for anti-pulling purposes, for walks with your Bull Terrier and also for dog shows. Measure your Bull Terrier carefully, using the instruction for dog harness, collar or muzzle sizing and fill all the measurements in the attributes during ordering.
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Miniature Bull Terrier is similar to English Bull Terrier, but is shorter in height. The breed is appeared in English in 19th century. Mini Bull Terrier is a mix of White English Terrier, Dalmatian and Old Englishe Bulldogge.

Some important points about Mini Bull Terriers:
  • Bull Terriers suffer from lack of attention. They should live in a house (flat) together with family. They don't like to be left alone, being afflicted with loneliness and boredom.
  • Mini Bull Terriers should be walked and trained with warm clothes because of their short hair in cold weather.
  • These dogs are easy in grooming. It is enough to wipe them dry after walking and to brush their coat once a week.
  • Everyday walks should be from 30 to 60 min. with active games, training and exercising.
  • The dog should be trained and socialized from the early puppyhood to avoid aggression towards other people and animals.
Mini Bull Terrier Harness UK

Miniature Bull Terrier Temperament

Mini Bull Terriers love their owners, but they may be stubborn and capricious. It is strongly recommended to train Mini Bull Terrier from the early age. Mini Bull Terrier is brave and courageous. It can hold its own against any dog, even if it is stronger and larger than Mini Bull. This Bull Terrier's manner is corrected during obedience training, but it is not recommended to walk the dog in public without a leash.

Miniature Bull Terrier Care

This short-haired breed is easy to take care of. Get s special brush for weekly combing and groom your Bull Terrier more often during shedding.

The most important point in Mini Bull Terrier care is watching its nutrition because dogs of these breed are prone to obesity.

Miniature Bull Terrier Health

Bully has no particular problems with health. But white Mini Bull Terriers often suffer from deafness in one or two ears. These dogs aren't used for breeding because deafness is inherited.

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Miniature Bull Terrier Training

Obstinacy is the main feature of Bull Terrier's temper. That is why the dog should be trained from the very moment you had brought it home. Your main task is to make your Bull Terrier to obey and to run your commands implicitly. Otherwise, there may be a risk that your Bull Terrier will become disobedient and dangerous. Train your dog stoutly, but without aggression.

Your Mini Bull Terrier should also know what love and tenderness are except for your firm hand. The dog is very communicative animal. It needs constant contact with people. Be generous with caress and your Bully will return the love.

Highly qualitative Bull Terrier harness will serve for a long time and will provide your dog with the most comfort. We have leather harnesses with spikes, studded harnesses, designer harnesses for the Bull Terrier breed. Nylon harnesses are cheaper and good for wet conditions and we have special harnesses for postoperative period.

Your Bull Terrier will be the smartest in the highly qualitative walking harness!

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