Fetch: Command or Play ◍

Fetch or Retrieve as Dog Command and Play

Fetch is a command that must be given from the "Sit!". You throw an object far away, the dog brings it, sits and gives it you.

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Fetch as joy

Fetch can give pleasure for a dog. Some dogs like inherently to fetch very much. They retrieve because they enjoy it, without having ever trained it as a command. Many dogs fetch inherently their favourite toys when they want to play. This is already the first step to fetch dog training.

If you always take away the favourite dog toy, then the pet will soon no longer like to come back. At the beginning you'd better substitute dog treats for the toy. The fetch consists in throwing and bringing back of balls, sticks and Co. You can encourage your dog at the same time as a willing household helper.

Rubber Dog Ball

German Shepherd Fetching a Safe Rubber Dog Ball

Fetch: The practice 1. Define an attitude to the "toy"

Fetch should begin as a play. Call your dog - the command "Sit!". Hold your dog's favourite toy under the pet's nose. Play with your dog. Spur on a little too. Encourage your dog to grasp the toy with its teeth. If your dog holds the toy in the snout, now it's turn for giving back. Swap the dog toy for the treat at the beginning. Much praise. The biggest problems are in giving back. Offer a substitute for your dog.

The practice 2 - Retrieve

Throw away the favourite dog toy for a retrieve. Now is turn for the command "Fetch". Say to your dog "Fetch!" or "Retrieve!". If the pet retrieves the toy, call it to. Praise the dog when it does everything correct.

If the dog doesn't go (run) to the toy, interrupt the training. Maybe your dog is out of form - tired, hungry, etc. Try again later.

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These are the basics of retrieve. Normally every young dog runs after the thrown object by nature. All other is a matter of practice.

In principle, everything can be fetched, whether rubber bones, balls, soft toys, etc. In future the dog associates the term "Fetch" with fetch of the x-favourite object.

Train your dog relatively not long but more often. Complete every exercise in a friendly tone. As a result, the dog will be glad to train again.

Don't lose patience if the pet doesn't obey the command.

Dog Bite Toy

Belgian Malinois in Retrieve Training with Bite Dog Toy