What Is the Best Collar for Walking a Dog?

What Type of Collar Is Best for Your Dog?

For all of us pets are of great importance in life. Our four-legged friends become ones of family members and it is impossible to live a day without them. That is why the biggest fear of a pet owner is missing the pet. A trouble can wait anywhere: a dog can run away being suddenly scared. And the street carries many dangers like heavy traffic, bad weather, dangerous people and animals.

Personalized Leather Dog Collar with NameplateEvery responsible owner should take care of a dog's safety while everyday outings. An ID tag, a medallion or a dog collar with personalized name plate is a must-have. This is a precautionary measure that will help to get the dog home in case if it is lost.

What Goes on Dog ID tag?

The name plate contains the engraving with the dog's name and (or) your contact information. The ID tube conceals the paper piece with your address and telephone number details.

The dog name plate for collar or ID tag should hang on a separate thin collar or a durable chain, which is not connected with a leash. It is not recommended to take this collar or chain off the dog ever because the pet can tear a basic collar or it may unfasten etc. There are occasions when the dogs escape and their ID tags are left at home. People who find the dog will be able to contact you quickly and thus help the lost pet return home.

How to Choose Dog Tags?

Leather Dog Collar with Name PlateMaterial. A tag is a small metal plate, which contains your contact information engraved. Corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel re the best suitable metals.

Size. The tag should be of optimal size. The dog can swallow the tag of too small size or it will be unseen by the other people. Too large tag may inconvenience the pet during walking or other daily activities.

Fixing. Quality accessory has a firm metal ring to attach to a collar and a hole that does not damage durability of the item.

Shape. Bones, hearts, plates and different shapes are allowed. The tag is a stylish accessory as well, which adorns your dog on a walk.

What to Write on the Name Plate?

The plate should contain key information about the dog and the owner. The name of the dog is engraved on the one side, your contact details (name, phone number, address) – on the other side.

Dog Collar with Metal Name PlateThe info should be readable. Do not place too much information on the plate: this affects the readability and the quality of the engraving. Put important contact information on the tag. The plate with the name of the dog only is less useful.

Laser engraving is the best way to print the information. It makes the contours of the inscription as clear as possible and the laser keeps durability of the accessory.

Dog collar with engraved name plate or the collar with ID tag is worth purchasing without any question. These products are to be of the highest quality to fulfill their primary function. You can choose the one in our online dog store.

Dog collar with personalized name plate is made by hands of selected leather. It is durable, reliable and suitable for medium and large dogs. The collar is resistant to strength of a powerful dog. It will not tear or unfasten being crafted of strong leather and fitted with solid hardware. Your dog will not have rubbing or skin irritations because the collar is perfectly processed, safe and soft.

Custom Dog Collar NameplateThe name plate is securely riveted and will not come off. There is an option of custom-made engraving on the plate. 1 line of info may be placed on the plate and contain 11 symbols maximum. The accessory will help to identify your dog and keep it safe during daily outings.

Another variant is the dog collar with ID tag attached. The collar is handcrafted of quality genuine leather as well. The item is strong and intended for dogs of medium and large sizes. It withstands jerking of a mighty dog. Metal fittings are sturdy and leather strap is high-tensile. The collar is flexible, harmless and pleasant to wear.

Leather Dog Collar with ID TagThe tag is produced of aluminum. It is rustless. You will easily attach the pendant to the collar with a ring, which comes in the set. The shape and color of the medallion are available to your choice. There are 3 variants of the tags (bone, heart, plate) and in 5 colors (silver, gold, blue, green, pink). 2 lines of info may be placed on any of the ID dog tags (dog's name and your phone). 10 letters 3 mm or 15 letters 2 mm high can be engraved on each line. Any of the plates will provide the dog's identification and become a classy adornment.

Please, contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.