Why Does a Sled Dog Need a Harness? (Part 2)

How to Train a Sled Dog to Pull?

Having put on yourself a towing belt and dog sled harness on your pet it is necessary to run in tow about 1-1,5 months. It is required to get use the sled dog to move with sled dog harness and to strengthen its locomotor system, having prepared it for heavy loadings. There is no point to wait that the dog will swing into action at once. It is quite allowably if the dog just runs at heels at the initial stage.

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Gradually, the dog will start drawing ahead of its owner from time to time when getting in shape and will start pulling him forward being limited with the towing belt. Though the shock-absorber will soften the jerk, the dog owner has to put on speed at once to soften it even more. Gradually, the soften jerks become more frequent.

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You can train your sled dog with helper, whom the dog knows well. The sled dog, when getting excited on race, will develop bigger activity and its organism will lead to a further development of dog breast and muscle mass gain. Increase an interval between start of the helper and start of the dog gradually while increasing the race time. It will be enough one autumn-winter season for development of strong pull reflex as usual.

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To be continued...