Dog Winter Care

How to Care Dog in Winter?

Dogs feel cold like humans in winter, especially those canines, which have no dense undercoat and are not cold tolerant dog breeds. That is why you need to take care of your canine companion so that it could feel warmth and comfort in cold season.

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1. It is better not to cut your dog's hair for a while. This is particularly so with short-haired dogs. Thus uncut coat will protect the dog against winter frost. Besides, dog haircut in cold season can provoke dandruff because of dry air in heated places.

Don't forget to comb your dog's hair regularly to make well-groomed look of the dog. If you have a long-haired dog, pay attention to its fur length as it shouldn't touch the snow. Too long and dense coat may lead to overheating that can cause heat stress when the dog goes outside (in case of big temperature difference indoors and outdoors). Warm dog clothes are ideal to protect back and belly of your canine in winter.

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2. Bathe your dog indoors. Make sure that it is warm in a room and there are no drafts if you need to bathe your pet. Dog coat dries longer in cold season. Refuse or minimize bathing of your dog in winter if it is possible.

3. Dog paw care in winter means fur cutting around paws. This will help to prevent snow sticking and icing on dog's paws. Check carefully paws of your pet on cracks, scratches, cuts and other injuries after every walk. Oil the paws with special protective wax or balm before going for a walk. These products make protective cover on paws to keep warmth and to protect from wet preventing cracks formation.

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You can also purchase warm, waterproof dog shoes to protect its paws against freezing and to prevent cuts.

4. Keep your dog's diet. Good nutrition is very important for the dog in cold season as balanced diet allows keeping body warmth and strengthens its immunity. However, this doesn't mean that you should overfeed the dog.

5. Be very careful with fireplaces and heaters, which can burn your dog strongly. Make sure that the dog can't burn itself with fire and heating elements.

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6. Take care of your dog in winter like of yourself. Dogs also wish feeling themselves comfortable and safely.

Winter walks will become pleasant for your dog and you if you follow these tips.

Choose top-quality dog grooming tools for winter care.

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