What is IPO or Schutzhund in UK and Everywhere?

IPO or Schutzhund. Necessary Training Supplies UK

An ideal dog in our understanding has certain quality characteristics, such as, for example, obedience and tracking ability, he must be courageous and resistant to an adversary and so force. These characteristics are the result of not only breeding and k9 training, but also have a genetic ground and dependon the dog's ancestors' qualities.

IPO or Schutzhund is a basic test, developed to identify and test the necessary skills for a successful working dog. One can participate in IPO as a member of one of several dogs' groups in different categories of age: 18, 19, 20 months or older. IPO is divided into three types: tracking work (A), obedience (B) and protection (C). This standard test represents an answer to a question, whether the dog is suitable for further application. Dogs, which exactly pass the IPO exam may be trained for a particular service discipline further. one can compare this to the test for a man's fit for army. The IPO rules include following the track items and identifying them, being on the leash and off it, walking down and retrieving. IPO protection consists of such activities as finding the decoy, guarding it, pursuing and transporting the decoy to a judge.

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So, what kind of dog skills are tested in three sections of Schutzhund? In all the three parts the desire to work and to be obedient are on the first place. The desire of work is expressed by the dog's aspiration for lively activity, and the manageability of the dog can be expressed in submission and carrying out of handler's commands

 The dog's tracking work shows:

 • Natural dog instincts

 • Concentration ability, for a long time under the various environmental factors influence

 • Dog's behaviour stability in going on the trail

Obedience part reveals the following dog's strengths:

 • Level of continuous work desire

 • Withstanding ability to physical and psychological stress

Protective section give a test to such dog's characteristics

• Desire of the fight

• Audacity and fortitude

• Staying poewer and withstanding the pressure and load

One gives special attention in protection sector to a grip. The main feature of the grip gives an indication of the animal's nervous system balance. Only an animal with strong nerves can show a complete, strong and calm grip, as required by the expert specification.

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