How to Cope with a Dog Behind a Fence

How to Pass by a Fence Where a Dog Barks?

It`s much easier to pass by a fence with a barking dog behind do if a you keep calm: anywhay no harm will come to your dog. Having noticed the dog behind a fence, take side with the fence as soon as possible and calm down your dog with a simple motion. At that you needn`t pull the lead, shout and punish your pet. Everything should happen in a silent and quiet way. You should probably be required to calm down your dog by words or in any habitual way for you in addition. It`s very important to do this in order when passing by the fence with your dog next time it wasn`t excited. Then you`ll have an opportunity to teach your pet to pass by the fence with the dog behind more quietly.

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When you train your dog to respond quietly to the other dogs you`ll require a reliable dog control outfit like a stop pull dog harness. It will help you to handle you dog before you train it to be calm when meet other dogs and distractions inviting its aggression. 

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