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Guide Dog Harness UK

Do you need a guide dog harness? We offer:

  • Guide dog harnesses of practical nylon and genuine leather. Our assistance dog equipment is of the highest quality on the market and the harnesses serve very long life.
  • These harnesses are used for guide dogs and service dogs to represent mobility "device" for a handler. Each harness is fitted with removable sign patches, convenient handles and reflective elements to make a dog visible in the dark.
  • We ship all over the world. Take note, you can always exchange the product if it does not fit your guide dog.
  • We are ready to give a special offer for blind organizations, guide dog trainers and guide dog training schools. Personal support is provided for every client. Contact us for details.

5 of 5 Stars!Dear Sir/Madam! I received the harness in good condition. Thank you for nice and fast service. I'm very pleased with the product. The harness is great. It provides security and stability for us. Kindest regards! Vera, Enschede, Netherlands
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Assistance dogs plays important role in life of visual impaired people. Guide dogs help them to orient in locations and to socialize in society. Our specialists developed the very harnesses to help people with special needs. Our guide dog harnesses are made of selected materials, such as genuine leather and nylon. Every harness is durable, reliable and maximum convenient for both – a dog and a handler. All the harnesses are light-weighted and comfortable for guide dogs to wear even for a long time.

Guide Dog Harness UK

Our guide dog harnesses are stitched with reinforced threads to keep shape. Sign patches on Velcro will help to identify your dog's activity. Quick-release buckle will help to put on and take off the harness easily. Reflective elements will make your guide dog visible in the dark. The dog won't feel discomfort with our guide dog harness on as every model is soft padded to avoid rubbing.
Guide dog harnesses are fitted with 2 handles. A short one for dog control and removable handle-frame. The last one is always fixed in the position you leave it. You can always attach or remove frame handle using quick-release buckles. All metal details of our guide dog harnesses are welded and resistant to rust. Your dog will like to wear our functional and comfy harness!
How to buy a dog harness online?

It's very easy! All that you need is to follow our advice:

1. Size your dog according to the scheme you'll see in every product.

2. Fill all the measurements you got in the attributes at the top of the page.

3. Contact us via our e-mail if the harness doesn't fit your dog or you have any other questions. Our support team is always ready to give answers to your questions and to exchange the products for more suitable ones. We will help you to choose and order the best equipment in our online dog store!

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