How to Teach Your Dog Frisbee

How to Train Your Dog to Play Frisbee

Frisbee is a captivating game that brings a lot of fun both for a dog and for the owner of the dog.  Besides, special competitions in this sport exist today. During such competitions the referees estimate how the animal catches the discus.Small Dog Harness for Japanese Spitz, Leather Dog Harness Small

In order to train the dog to play Frisbee it is necessary to concern oneself that animal is not hungry and that it is kept in a good mood. One needs to take a dainty, long leash or a rope that must be attached to a collar, and also special discus to play Frisbee.

How to train the dog to play Frisbee? In order the exercises are efficient, one should choose a peaceful place and to concern oneself with the thing that nothing and no one will divert the animal.

It is advisable to start training on the field covered with grass, advisable to begin training at home. One should persuade oneself that the animal has a desire to play and give him something tasty.

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First of all one should train the animal to the discus. The animal may wonder that the master offers him not usual soft ball, but some flat discus, that is why one must concern oneself that the positive attitude of the dog to this object has been trained and only after this one should begin the game.

One gives a discus to the dog to sniff, after this one gives something tasty.

As soon as the dog gets used to the new object, one can proceed to another lesson.

Explain to the dog that the discus has to be taken to the edge.

With that end in view one should tease the animal a little with a discus so that it tries to grip the discus edge, after that praise the dog loudly and give him a dainty.

It is very important to feed with the dainty only from the discus, due to this the dog will

fully concentrate his attention on the discus and while getting the dainty in such way the animal will give the discus back much easier.

It is very important to know how to play Frisbee, the rules of which are quite simple. After the dog gets used to the object one should train him to run after the discus and to bring him back. First of all, the discus is thrown to the short distances, and at the same time one should increase it gradually, but only after the time when the animal got used to run after the discus.

Further one should train the dog not only to bring the discus, but also to give it to the master with a command ‘give’, for this purpose one should again to spoil the dog with a dainty. As soon as the dog gives the discus back, you should compliment and give him something tasty.

After the game’s rules learning the animal will bring the discus and wait with impatience when the owner will fling it.

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