How to Come Into a Lift with a Dog?

How to Train Your Dog to Come Into a Lift

It is possible to teach your dog to come to a lift quietly. Make a directive fingering for this purpose. First, come to a lift alone, knock with a finger quetly on that place in the lift where the dog should stand. You should stand apart at that in order not to block the road to the dog because it can respond even to the slightest blocking movement, for example to a forward bend. If the dog doesn`t come in despite your directive fingering, step aside — probably, it`s not enough place for it to come into the lift.

nylon harness for english pointer

Nylon Dog Harness with Handle for Dog Control

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And what are you to do with your dog if you go in a lift with other people? For this purpose you`ll need a reliable dog control outfit like a strong dog harness with handle. It will help you to hold your pet and to avoid its sudden aggression to other passengers in the lift.

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Dog Harness for Alaskan Malamute | Professional Harness UKAgitation leather
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Dog harnesses with handle, click on the pictures!

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