Choose the Best Choke Collar for a Dog

Which Dog Choke Collar to Choose?

If your dog is naughty, pulls on a lead, attacks or jumps people and animals, a choker will help to correct its behavior. You should know that choke collars are not used for basic obedience training. These tools serve not to make training process easier for you. They are intended for behavioral issues correction of trained dogs. Chokers are also in widespread use for dog shows because they don't deflect attention of judges away from a dog's exterior.

Leather Choke Dog CollarHow does a dog choke collar work? A choker is a loop, which is put on over the dog's head. There are 2 rings at the ends of the collar. A fixed ring serves for leash fastening and a loose ring slides and tightens the collar around the dog's neck if it disobeys. The loop is loosen when the dog steps back.

Choose a choker of round leather or a chain with long links that is called a fur saver for the dog with long hair. Short-haired dogs can wear usual leather choke collars and chains with small links. Choke collar is also suitable for the dog with long face when a classic collar can slip off its neck through the head.

Leather choke dog collar is silent in action. It is made of genuine leather that is perfectly processed and oiled. Round shape of this slip collar makes it absolutely safe, comfortable and doesn't damage dog coat. The choke collar is pleasant by feel for the dog in any season. Leather doesn't take on the ambient temperature.

Leather Slip Dog CollarNatural leather is non-toxic and hypoallergic. It is tough and hard-wearing, yet soft and flexible. Leather choke collar is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, for long and short-haired breeds.

Take care of the collar with special balsam. It will look like new and serve the dog for long!

Dog choke chain collar is extra strong and break-resistant. It is produced of steel and plated with chrome to get shiny look and to be rustless. The chain is covered with nickel first and then with chrome. However, it can get rusted with if to contact with water constantly.

Chrome-plated collar is suitable for medium and large short-haired dogs, which coat isn't tend to coloration.

The collar is eye-catching. It glints in the sun and has aesthetic appearance. Chain links are welded and honed down. The chain is harmless and comfy in wear.

The action of chokers is based on natural instincts and such collars are not harmful at proper use.

Dog Choke Chain CollarNever use a choke collar for a puppy under 6 months because of neck and trachea trauma risk.

Choke collar is put on the dog over its head and you need to measure the dog's head and neck circumference in the widest parts just below the dog's ears and a jaw line. Compare the sizes and add 2-3 inches to the larger one. This will be the ideal size of the collar.

Use the collar for dog training only and not for daily life.

Please, don't leave your dog unattended with a choker on.

Don't jerk the lead when you train the dog to avoid too much tightening and causing pain. Your purpose it to demonstrate the dog that it is you who control the direction of moving. Walk with regular footsteps. Hold the leash closer to the collar. Change your direction unexpectedly. The lead will tense and your dog will feel uncomfortable. Loose the leash and stroke, praise or treat your pet.

Please, consult the trainer before purchasing a choke collar and use it under his supervision if required. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best suitable collar for the dog.