Methods for Correcting Dog Pulling on Lead

How to Prevent Dog Pulling on Lead?

Follow the next rules to avoid dog pulling on the lead:

1. First of all, stop going there where the dog pulls. If the dog pulls on the lead, just stop, turn round and move in other direction encouraging your dog to follow you;

2. Walk your dog on the dog leash of one length. If you have a long dog lead (3-5 meters), fix it in two positions (the dog at feet, the dog is on the full length of the dog leash). This will ease the dog training;

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3. Get rid of dog roulette. Even rare walks on roulette will lead only to that the dog will start pulling again and all the dog training should be started from the beginning;

4. Don't yell at your dog. There are times, when the dog owner yells and moves on the dog. The pet tries to avoid the owner, to avoid the aggression directed to it. Thus, leaving the owner, the dog is pulling on the lead. Let your dog doesn`t afraid of you and doesn`t have a desire to avoid you. Use positive methods for this purpose, such as -

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5. Praise the dog for the proper behaviour and treat him with a dog delicacy. If the dog walks on the loose dog lead – he deserves a bounty. Let it were some seconds of the correct behaviour - that`s a mercy! Praise, treat, be happy together with your pet. After all, the more you will praise the dog for this behaviour, the oftener he will show it;

6. Change often the direction. Let the dog will be forced to watch you constantly and will always keep an eye out and not to run out;

7. Set simple tasks for your dog. Start dog training where there are no intensive irritants (cats, dogs, people, cars, squirrels) and gradually increase complexity level. The same is also with the time of dog trainings: let it will be short, but frequent trainings. Such mode will lead you to success faster and safer.

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