Best Dog Walking Tips

Where to Walk a Dog? How to Walk a Dog? What to Wear for Dog Walking?

Dog walking is interesting and responsible pastime. It is very important to make dog walks pleasant for you both. There are many questions: where, when and how much time to walk, what to put on to give pleasure and joy to your dog and you?

Best Dog Walking Leash

It is better to start your puppy walking in calm and quiet place as far from roads with heavy traffic as possible. Dog run is not also the most suitable place for your puppy until it is not physically and mentally strong enough. Choose by-places such as parks, wood lines and quiet streets. There is danger that the puppy will be traumatized by an elder and an aggressive dog or it will get under the wheels of a car, which suddenly appears from round the corner on the speed.

Go out to the street with your puppy only when it is 3 months old and has all vaccinations. Start with 10-15 min. per day. The sense of the first walks is that your pet should get used to fresh air and to the street even if it didn't do the deeds at the beginning. The dog is trained to walk 2-3 times a day since 6-7 months. Every walk is advisable to be no less than an hour.

Use dog leash and a muzzle if there are people around and you have medium or large breed. It is better to follow this rule even if you are entirely sure in the dog to avoid negative response of the others, which will make nervous your pet and you.

Best Dog Muzzle for Walking

Walk the dog before feeding and not the reverse. Make the walks active, play with your pet, take some toys or training tools for this. Don't allow your dog to chase cats and birds, on the contrary, try to distract the pet if the other animal crosses a road or draws its attention.

Choose comfortable and convenient closes for dog walking. Shoes – sneakers or moccasins with non-slip sole, waterproof jacket for rainy for off-season and layered clothing for frosty weather. Put on loose clothes of natural materials if you prefer jogging with your dog.

Don't forget about gloves, which will protect your hands from wind and callous, and won't allow the leash to slip out of your hands if your furry friend wants to reverse the direction of movement.

Dog walking will be full of joy if to follow these tips and your healthy and cheerful pet will please you.

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