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How to Wean a Dog from Jumping on People

Usually puppies and dogs jump on people in order to greet them.

This is natural, but sometimes causes some discomfort. In this article you will find useful tips on how to wean your dog from jumping on people.

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Why do dogs jump on people? Usually puppies and dogs jump on people to greet them. Why? Just because we are superior to them! When there are two dogs, they sniff each other's snouts. The same thing happens when they want to say hello to us: it is natural that the dogs jump on us trying to get to the person and to attract attention, but sometimes it causes some discomfort. That is why we have prepared for you useful tips on how to wean your dog from jumping on people.

How should one deal with this problem? In order to teach your dog not to jump on you for the welcoming, show it that you just happy to see only the dog that does not separate the paws from the ground. The explanation it in words will be hardly to succeed, but the actions - this is another matter. When the dog climbs “to say hello”, its purpose is to attract your attention and to fawn. Knowing this you can show what the pet has to do to get it.

Try to remember these 2 rules of the dog’s greeting: do not pay attention and do not touch the dog, before his legs will not appear on the floor; once a dog's paws are on the ground, welcome and stroke him.

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For example, if you come into the door and the dog runs at you, just ignore it. In no case do not yell at your pet trying to explain him what to do, and do not push it. Instead, straighten up and look above the dog's head. If the dog continues to jump, simply turn away. Then it would have to follow your gaze. Once the paws touch the floor, become a loving owner again and praise the dog by stroking its head. If after that dog again starts jumping, then straighten up and ignore it for as long as it does not calm down again.

Your attention and touching are the words that you can use to explain the dog how it should behave in order to get your attention and approval. Do not limit your dog in the attention when its paws touch the floor, even if a second ago you were terribly enraged that it jumped on you. The pet should understand that when its paws are on the surface, there will be joy in the people around him.

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