How to Protect Dog in Heat

How to Prevent Dog from Heat Stroke and to Protect It When It Is Hot Outside?

Your dog's health depends completely on you in hot summer days. Remember that the dog can become seriously ill and even die from heat. Where is the danger? When the dog stays long in the heat it has a stroke or hyperthermia. But being under the sun is more dangerous for the canine. Even half-hour walk in such extreme conditions may lead to sunstroke.

How to Protect Your Dog from the Heat?

It is very easy. Pay a bit attention to the dog to be sure it feels comfortable and watch always its health in hot days.

1. Cool place. Your dog should have a cool place to chill in the heat.

2. Water. Dog water bowl should always be in free access for your canine and not to be under the sun. You can put several dog water bowls. Change water often. It should be cool, but not icy. Take water for your dog if you go outside.

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3. Moderate feeding. Usually, dog's appetite is reduced in hot days. Let the dog have usual ration in its plate. It will eat when hungry. Ii is better to make the portion smaller if the dog is prone to overeating. You can wet dry dog kibble. Note that dog food is quickly spoiled in the heat. Change it in time. Don't treat your dog with its favorite delicacies because active digestion will quickly rise body temperature.

4. Water treatment. Let your dog to have an opportunity to bathe in a small pool or bathtub with lukewarm water. If the pet doesn't like to bathe, wet its paws, belly, neck and head from time to time. You can leave a pure wet cloth on the floor for your canine to take a nap on it.

5. More fresh air. The heat is worsening with closeness, which enhances the heatstroke. Therefore don't hold fanlights closed in such weather. Animals need to breathe oxygenated fresh air. You can lower temperature in rooms, having installed fans and putting bowls with water or ice in front of them. The main thing is not to direct air stream to your pet.

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6. Peace. It is better to refuse active games and far trips in hot weather. Any physical activities and stresses can worsen the dog's health. Let it lounge in a cool corner and enjoys privacy. It is better to walk the dog in early morning and late evening. But be careful even at this time: the pet can play too long and overheat.

7. New hairdo. Some owners of long-haired dogs prefer to cut their coat in hot weather. Most of vets are against this procedure. Coat protects from drafts and its absence can lead to sunburns. You may cut the dog's hair a bit, but don't do a number one haircut.

Useful tips

  1. Walk your dog in fresh time of day. If it is necessary to run out in the afternoon, it is better to walk the dog in a shadow or on the bank of some reservoir, but not longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Avoid dog walking on hot asphalt and stone blocks.
  3. Refuse close dog muzzle. It prevents cooling.
  4. Never leave your pet on a leash in the sun or in stuffy car.
  5. If you are going to the country, start the journey in the morning or in the evening. Traffic jam in the heat is dangerous for your dog.
  6. Let the dog bathe oftener on vacation, but don't allow it to dive sharply into water after the long game – cooling should be gradual. Try to choose the parking the place in the shadow.
  7. Watch your dog not to be overheated while playing in the sun.

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