Dog Weight Pulling

Sport with Your Dog: Weight Pulling

Dog weight pulling emerged as demonstration of dog’s pulling power. Such a sport can be very useful for every dog. The weight your dog pulls not only stimulates its muscular development, but also increases bone density, sinew strength and improves cardiovascular system.


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Weight Pulling Dog Harness

Dog Weight Pulling Is Good for Your Dog's Health

Weightpulling is a competition in pulling the weight at the distance. Contestants are divided into the weight classes and the weight is put on a cart or sled.

It could seem that dog weight pulling is only displaying of physical power, but it is not true. It is great limbering-up for dogs’ brains, their ability to keep attention to finish the task. This kind of sport is open not only for large and powerful canines.

There are 8 weight classes from 10 to 150 lbs (4.5 to 68 kg) and 1 unlimited class. The most popular puller is Alaskan Malamute, but there are 33 other successful breeds registered with IWPA (International Weight Pull Association): from American Pitbull Terrier to Greyhound and Mastiff. Not purebred dogs of all sizes, male and female are allowed to take part.

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Harness for Mastiff UK

Any Dog Can Take Part in Weightpulling Competition

The dog is harnessed into the loaded sled or cart, its handler (the owner or trainer) gives commands. The furry athlete should pull the weight 5-20 feet (1.5-6 m) within 60 seconds. The handler is not allowed to touch the dog when it pulls the sled or cart, he/she must keep a distance. Treats are not allowed too.

Anything that can be considered as a threat towards the dog is forbidden. Care and respect for a dog is the main condition of dog weight pulling.

If it becomes clear that the weight is too heavy for this dog, it is helped immediately. It is done eliminate feeling of failure. IWPA reports that any dog was not hurt during its competitions within 5 years of its work.

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Dog Pulling Harness

Your Dog Can Win if Trained Properly

Weight pulling gains popularity all over the world. Competitions are held at the same time with other dog sport contests or dog shows.
All dogs must be trained before competing, so you can’t just pay and take part with a not trained dog.