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No: Advices for the Command Training

No: Prohibitions are necessary

"No" is the only big prohibition that must be trained with every dog. "No" is the only command that must be trained without reward with food. By depriving of the food the dog is demanded the utmost discipline and obedience.

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No: Training is the politics of small steps!

"No" must be trained duly. The ideal time to discourage the dog from a shameful deed is when the animal just thinks to show an unwanted behaviour.

The exercises will focus on the moment of "food depriving": First, the dog gets offered a treat, and if the pet wants to take it on its own without any command, say "No!". Thus it is ensured that the dog learns the command. The dog needs to associate the command "No" with a prohibition that it has to follow.

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"No" is one of the most important basic commands. The dog must accept the limits set by the human. The limits of the human may not be changed. This means that once forbidden is always forbidden, once allowed is always allowed.

Use your voice to train "No"

Your voice is a powerful tool. Praise and encourage the dog with a high, cheer voice. Rebuke the pet with a deep, rumbling voice for more authority.

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Do you want to cheer your dog, e. g., it must come then the best is to use short, repeated words, click your tongue, snap your fingers, whistle or clap. "Sch Sch Sch" noises will stimulate the dog. To soothe the dog, you should use a single elongated word. For commands the best is to use a sharp high tone followed by a short deeper one. Principally, short, repeated tones must be used to advance an activity and a single long tone to impede it.

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