Which Dog Muzzle Is Best?

What Are the Best Dog Muzzles?

Dog gear purchasing is one of the most important aspects for the owner. A dog's comfort and safety of others directly depends on the quality of the products bought. Dog trainers remind that a leash, a harness and a collar are not the only must-have items. A dog muzzle is also an indispensible accessory for public places attending.

Leather Muzzle for a Dog

Why get a dog muzzle?

  • Safety of the dog. Your pet will not be able to pick up something harmful or poisoned from the ground;
  • Safety of others. Even a small dog can scare someone;
  • Comfortable vet visiting. Most of the dogs react extremely negatively against nails clipping, grooming and other medical manipulations (injections, ears cleaning etc.). Dog muzzle use allows a vet to work without a fear of being bitten.

The sooner you train your dog to a muzzle, the easier it takes the muzzle wearing.

Types of Dog Muzzles

Leather dog muzzle. Leather muzzles are widely used for the most dog breeds. The model is a mesh of carefully sewed and riveted leather straps. The muzzle is made by hands of full grain genuine leather of the highest quality. It is durable and reliable in use. Soft felt padding in the nose area provides comfort and protects a dog's snout from rubbing. The muzzle is fixed with the straps and the dog will not be able to take if off with paws.

Canine Leather Dog Muzzle

The advantages are:

  • light weight
  • good air circulation
  • comfort and safety
  • wide range of use

Your dog can breathe freely, bark and pant with the muzzle on but can't eat from the ground and bite. There is a large variety of dog muzzle sizes for small, medium and large breeds.

Metal basket dog muzzle is a very popular model as well. It is practical, convenient, perfectly ventilated and suitable for everyday use. The muzzle consists of highly-polished wire. All the joints are welded and the muzzle keeps its shape perfectly for many years. The dog feels free with the muzzle on. It allows panting and barking, but not eating from the ground and biting. The muzzle will not rub the dog's nose due to felt lining. Adjustable straps of natural leather provide reliable muzzle fixing on the dog's head.

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle UK

The advantages of a wire basket muzzle:

  • perfect air ventilation
  • lightweight
  • safeness
  • multipurposeness

A wire basket dog muzzle is not suitable for too hot and frosty weather as it can overheat under the sun or stick to a dog's snout in frost. There is a special rubber covered wire muzzle, which is suitable for any weather and season.

Wire and leather muzzles are functional and perfectly suitable for daily outings.

Please, write to us if you hesistate which one to get for your dog and our specialists will recommend the best muzzle model for your pet.