What to Do if Dog Poisoned

What Should You Do if Your Dog Was Poisoned


Toxic substances can get into a dog’ organism through the digestive tract, skin, and while an animal breathes. Poison action can be observed immediately or after some days or even weeks depending upon a kind of a poison.


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It is Better to Prevent Poisoning with Dog Training

Signs of Dog Poisoning


What can be signs of poisonng in dogs:


  • cramps or clonus
  • vomit and/or watery feces, sometimes with blood
  • excessive salivation
  • skin, ears, eyes reddening
  • depression or fever (hyper-activity)
  • bleeding
  • wounds of the mouth or skin
  • the animal rub its muzzle with its paw, lick itself intensely
  • tumidity of the paws or the muzzle
  • heat or hypothermia
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Dog Poisoning Treatment


If you suspect that your dog has been poisoned, you should call for a vet or drive your pet to a vet clinic immediately.
If you know what the reason of poisoning was, you must tell the vet the name of it (if it is possible, take the packet with you). It would better to know how much poison was swallowed. It is important to know when the poisoning took place.
Also the vet will need to know about your dog’s weight and symptoms.
You will need absorbent carbon to neutralise one kind of poison, inducing vomiting for others, and special antidotes for thirds.
Don’t induce vomiting without consultation of the vet. It can only increase damage area.



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What Dog Can Be Poisoned with


Here are the most common dog toxic substances your pet can face at home and while walking:


  • antifreezes (ethylene glycol). It has a non-toxic alternative, propylene glycol
  • rat poison
  • medicine
  • some plants
  • remedy against fleas and acarians in increased portions
  • agricultural chemicals
  • house cleaning means
  • some remedies agains cockroaches and ants.

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How to Prevent Your Dog from Poisoning



Proper dog training and responsible ownership can save your beloved pet from many terrible issues. Educate your dog and don’t let it pick up things from the ground. Even at home. Check places of walking to detect objects that can be harmful for your pet. Walk your pet in a muzzle. Hide all chemicals from your dog at home, yard, and garden.