What Is Bikejoring with a Dog?

Bikejoring is a sport art where cyclists on two-wheelers compete on an unsurfaced road, using the dogs' draught force. Dogs of all breeds are accepted for bikejoring competitions, even non-pedigree ones.

Husky Harness for Bike

Special Leather Dog Harness for Bikejoring

For bikejoring, you need a mountain bike and sport equipment (helmet, knee- and elbow-pads, gloves), a riding harness and a tagline with an amortization insert for the dog. Unlike in canicross, the tagline is attached not to the cyclist's belt, but to the bike's handle bar. The tagline's length of 2-2.5 m provides sufficient distance between the dog and the forewheel.

Husky Bikejoring Training

The Dog Is Always Under Control with Bikejoring Leather Harness

To do bikejoring, the dog has to be absolutely controllable. It has to obey voice commands without fail.

Requirements to Bikejoring Tracks

Official bikejoring competitions are normally held on unsurfaced roads or routes with special amortization surface.

Husky Bikejoring Harness

Choose the Most Comfortable Bikejoring Dog Harness

It is not allowed to conduct bikejoring competitions on asphalt or concrete routes, because it can be harmful for dogs. The distance is usually 3 to 10 km.

Requirements for Bikejoring Equipment

For bikejoring, two-wheel mountain bikes are used. The bike must be equipped with reliable breaks and good tires. We recommend choosing light-weight bikes.

It is prohibited to participate in the competition without wearing a helmet. We strongly recommend wearing knee- , elbow-pads and gloves.

You must have a "springer" attached to your bike's frame. This is a tool, which prevents the tagline from getting into the wheel. Don't fail to have a buffer on the same side where the springer is to sooth the pulling.

Husky Bikejoring Harness

Reliable Leash + Dog Pulling Harness = Successful Bikejoring

The dog is wearing an individually chosen harness with padded chest and shoulder parts.

Hitting the Distance

The dog must always lead, the cycler mustn't get ahead of it. It is allowed to go next to the dog on descents.

Each and every physical influence on the dog is prohibited, it is controlled only by voice commends of the cycler. The "Stop!" command is not used in bikejoring.

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Your Pet Will Run Commands If Feels Comfort Dog Pulling Harness

It is prohibited to put muzzles on dogs for the race.

If the dog comes out of action during the race, the cycler is exempted from the competition.


If the cycler wants to go-by, he/she must ask to make way by shouting "Give Way!", if the dog has approached another cycler for 15 meters. The cycler has to give way. To do that, he/she must direct his/her bicycle to one of the sides of the road and back off. Subsequently, he/she can go-by the other cycler only in one minute or when the distance is 350 m. In the finish zone of the last 800 meters the go-by rules don't apply.

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