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Pugs as other small breeds have a tender body structure. It is recommended to use harnesses for daily walks with your pet. Our small dog harnesses are padded with felt/Nappa leather to provide your furry friend with maximum comfort without skin rubbing. Wide enough chest plate distributes load evenly and your doggy won't get hurt. Choose the design of your taste to underline your pet's individuality: spiked dog harness, studded, full leather harness for small dogs. Click the pictures of the products below to see the detailed description.
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Pug Dog Harness UK

Pug Feels Great in Our Small Dog Harness

We have a great experience in producing dog equipment for small, medium, and large canines. Our designers consider body features and breed peculiarities when develop a new Pug harness. Before ordering a harness for Pug you will be asked to measure your dog according to the instruction that is available at any product page. It is very important, because only if you provide us with exact parameters, we can choose the best harness for Pugs.
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Any dog, big or small, is not a toy. It is a creature with its own nature, character, and habits. Learn with us how to understand your Pug's body language, what toys are better for your pet, and why your dog should wear a harness.
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