How to Give a Pill to a Dog?

How to Make Your Dog to Take a Pill?

Many dog owners struggle with difficulties when try to give a pill to a dog. The problem can be in the point that the dog handlers don`t consider the signals of reconciliation of a dog and therefore frighten a dog with the movements.

In order to give your dog a pill successfully, you should sit alongside of your pet, parallel to it. Your movements should be slow, flowing and go mainly under. No emotions, everything should pass calmly and neutrally. You open the dog`s jaw with your fingers, putting them sideways into a mouth. The pill should be rubbed to powder and put in a small spoon. The spoon is pushed into the dog`s throat as far as possible. At the end of procedure you stroke your dog`s neck and breast.

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Don't Frighten Your Dog with Your Movements

If the dog doesn`t feel discomfort of a pill given to it, next time the dog will resist this procedure easier or won`t resist at all. And vice versa: if to give a pill with sharp movements and cause unpleasant emotions by your dog, next time the dog will start defending itself and the owner will decide that it it is necessary to make it sit quietly by force.

You can also try to reward your dog with its favourite toys or treats after the procedure.

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